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96 21 Ideas to See Mistakes in a Positive Light – Positive Discipline Parenting:
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Changing your interpretation of mistakes can impact your parenting in a huge and encouraging way. If you’d like to embark on this journey of seeing mistakes in a whole new light, here’s a list I created especially for parents. thinkitthroughparenting.com...
comments October 23, 2016
85 Are farming super-mergers affecting food security?
According to one environmentalist, proposed deals could put the majority of seeds, chemicals and genetically modified traits into the hands of just three companies. The effect would deepen poverty for small-scale farmers.
Read more: www.digitaljournal.com/news...
comments October 23, 2016
84 Higher Oral Bacteria Levels Linked to Migraine
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Researchers have found a possible cause and/or influence to migraines.
Read more: www.theevolvingplanet.com/h...
comments October 23, 2016