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CDB Aviation to buy 52737 MAXs and eight 787 Dreamliners | Air Cargo
Cdb aviation to buy 52737 maxs and eight 787 dreamliners air cargo
Origami in Orbit: Ancient Art Inspires Efficient Spacecraft
The ancient art of origami has inspired numerous NASA spacecraft designs, allowing scientists to pack more technology into smaller space-bound instruments. www.space.com/38787-origami...
The Nine
Thenine crop

Black market courier Rowena Downshire is just trying to pay her mother’s freedom from debtor’s prison when an urgent and unexpected delivery leads her face to face with a creature out of nightmares.  Rowena escapes with her life, but the strange book she was ordered to deliver is stolen. The Alchemist knows things few men have lived to tell abou...

Disney Developing Live-Action Star Wars Series for New Streaming Service
Star wars logo

In this Age of Streaming, it was only a matter of time before Disney decided to put most of its mega-properties in one place.

Right on the heels of the announcement that Rian Johnson will be developing a brand new Star Wars film trilogy, the Disn...

Ethiopian links Buenos Aires with Africa | Aviation
Ethiopian links buenos aires with africa aviation
Virgin Galactic Wants to Send People on Superfast Trips Across Earth
Virgin Galactic eventually aims to add point-to-point passenger flights to its repertoire, which would dramatically reduce the time needed to get from Boston to Beijing or Sydney to San Francisco, company CEO George Whitesides said.
LeBron James and Luther Campbell have a new Docu-Series on Youth Football
Ghost village perched in Jerusalem's hills may soon vanish
Near the stone ruins of the home where he says he lived as a boy, Yacoub Odeh laments that his native village on Jerusalem's hillside may soon be transformed forever. phys.org/news/2017-11-ghost...
Research sheds new light on how organisms use energy in a crowd
Monash scientists have uncovered new and surprising discoveries about how organisms can regulate energy use when their numbers increase. phys.org/news/2017-11-energ...
Boeing bags orders for 296 commercial jets worth $50 billion at Dubai Airshow | Aviation
Boeing bags orders for 296 commercial jets worth 50 billion at dubai airshow aviation