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97 Vapors from some flavored e-liquids contain high levels of aldehydes
Traditional cigarettes pose a well-established risk to smokers' health, but the effects of electronic cigarettes are still being determined. Helping to flesh out this picture, researchers are reporting what happens to e-liquid flavorings when they're heated inside e-cigarettes or electronic nicotine-delivery systems. The study found that when converted into a vapor, some flavorings break down into toxic compounds at levels that exceed occupational safety standards. ... read more
97 Many Kids’ Headphones Carry Risk of Hearing Loss, Study Finds
06headphones moth
Half of 30 sets of so-called noise-limiting headphones and earbuds tested did not restrict volume as much as their manufacturers promised. www.nytimes.com/2016/12/06/...
97 Launch Glitch! Russian Progress 65 Cargo Had Issue At 3rd Stage Separation | Video
Sp 161201 progress 65 glitch
At 383 seconds into flight "ratty telemetry" was reported by Russia's mission control. It's status is currently under investigation. NASA spokesman Rob Navias with the Johnson Space Center in Houston explains. www.space.com/34872-launch-...
97 Underdiagnosis/misdiagnosia of women with autism must end!
Im Linda, 23, with an adult diagnosis of Autism. I am working on gaining courage and strength to speak up against the under diagnosis and misdiagnosis of women with autism in this country. It is not fair and it sets a lot of women back. We deserve the truth about ourselves and proper help and support! It's time to speak up my beautiful neurodiverse people! Any input, feedback, or encouragement is welcome! I am an aspie and I truly love my neurodiverse people. ❤I'm going try to do this for you a... read more
97 The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher – digested read

‘Before I knew it, I was in the back of a taxi snogging Harrison and telling him I had always loved him. Don’t hate me’

It was 1976. Lots of interesting stuff, like it being very hot in England and Mao Zedong dying, was happening. And I was making Star Wars. Wow. Cut to 2013. George Lucas announced he was going to make another Star Wars film and this time I would get paid enough to cover my overheads. The thing is: I liked playi...

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