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This Barn-Like Visitors Center Features Nine Movable Facade Parts
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Democratizing science: Researchers make neuroscience experiments easier to share, reproduce
Democratizing science researchers make neuroscience experiments easier to share reproduce

Over the past few years, scientists have faced a problem: They often cannot reproduce the results of experiments done by themselves or their peers. This “replication crisis” plagues fields from medicine to physics, and likely has many causes. But one is undoubtedly the difficulty of sharing the vast amounts of data collected and analyses performed ...

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A brief history of Stephen Hawking – Science Weekly podcast (R)

To mark the 75th birthday of the late Prof Stephen Hawking, Ian Sample talked to family, friends and colleagues about his incredible contribution to science

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Brain waves may focus attention and keep information flowing
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Not just by-products of busy nerve cells, brain waves may be key to how the brain operates. www.sciencenews.org/article...
Exposure to Air Pollution in Fetal Life May Lead to Abnormal Brain Development
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Coral reefs suffering in Philippines despite outlawing damaging fishing practices
Some of the fishing methods used in today’s small-scale fisheries are causing more damage to coral reefs than ever, a new UBC study has found. news.ubc.ca/2018/03/16/cora...
New Horizons, Meet Ultima Thule: Probe's Next Target Gets a Nickname
The New Horizons spacecraft's next flyby target now has a nickname befitting the object's exotic nature and locale. www.space.com/39963-new-hor...
Chain reaction of fast-draining lakes poses new risk for Greenland ice sheet
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A growing network of lakes on the Greenland ice sheet has been found to drain in a chain reaction that speeds up the flow of the ice sheet, threatening its stability.  www.cam.ac.uk/research/news...
Pimax “8K” Pre-production Units Planned for April, Initial Backer Shipments on Track for Q2
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Offering an update to backers of the successful Pimax “8K” Kickstarter, which aims to deliver a high resolution VR headset with an ultrawide field of view, Pimax says ‘M1’ pre-production units should be complete by April, with initial backer shipments of the final “8K” headset starting in Q2.

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CRISPR genetic editing takes another big step forward, targeting RNA - Salk Institute for Biological Studies
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LA JOLLA���Most people have heard of the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology, which acts as targeted molecular scissors to cut and replace disease-causing genes with healthy ones. But DNA is only part of the story; many genetic diseases are caused by problems with RNA, a working copy of DNA that is translated into proteins. www.salk.edu/news-release/c...