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79 6 IoT security fundamentals that need to be solved - Apptimate
Smartwatch blur
Internet of Things is still very immature. There is not even a consensus in what it means. It covers many different technologies like the new entrants wearables and connected household supplies, but also the very mature technologies in m2m. Vendors large and small hurry to launch products and take their stakes in this emerging markets. ITU-T standards and industry consortiums popping up everywhere that try to make some order in this chaos, but as the quote says, there are no common agreed unifor... read more
comments August 24, 2016 @apptifred
76 Carp undergo ‘reverse evolution’ to get their scales back
Carp the fish was selectively bred to generate the "no scale" version by European monks ages ago is evolved back to get the scales back when introduced into the wild. The "degeneration" process was pretty short, taking about 100 years (aka about 40 generations)
comments August 24, 2016 @MeijiKWMa
95 Why I want my daughter to be "weird"
What we sometimes call “weird” or “different” or any other euphemism for different in developing kids often signifies creativity and different perspective that should be protected and cultivated. At all costs.
2 comments August 23, 2016 @ronjdub