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The Fight Over Federal Land In The West
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When the federal government says some publicly owned lands should be used "for the benefit and enjoyment of the people," who do they mean?

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The most likely cradles for life inside our solar system

Scientists still believe it possible that extraterrestrial life could flourish in our own neighbourhood

This week, Nasa’s veteran Curiosity rover discovered complex organic matter that had been buried and preserved for more than 3bn years in sediments forming a lake bed. This means that if microbial life did land on Mars, it would be nourished.

As Nuclear Struggles, A New Generation Of Engineers Is Motivated By Climate Change
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The number of people graduating with nuclear engineering degrees has more than tripled since 2001. Many say they are motivated by climate change.

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The epic hunt for the place on Earth where life started
Darwin's warm little pond, the deep ocean and icy shores – all have been suggested as the birthplace of life. Now one location could have it all www.newscientist.com/articl...-
“We’re all in this together” — Fantastic Four (2005)

Dubbed “the world’s greatest comic magazine,” Fantastic Four changed comics when it was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961. At the time, DC (or National Periodical Publications) was having huge success rebooting their superhero comics, with new versions of the Flash and Green Lantern and renewed interest in Batman and Superman and Won...

Investigators say DNA database can be goldmine for old cases
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A microscopic thread of DNA evidence in a public genealogy database led California authorities to declare this spring they had caught the Golden State Killer, the rapist and murderer who had eluded authorities for decades. phys.org/news/2018-06-dna-d...
Bacteria may survive temperatures hot enough to melt lead
Few living things can cope with temperatures above 100°C, but a controversial study suggests some bacterial spores can withstand 420°C heat for over 30 minutes www.newscientist.com/articl...-
A New Brain Experiment Just Got Closer to The Origins of Consciousness
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Climate Change Is Already Sparking A New Era Of Fishing Wars, Study Finds

At a time when the Trump administration is already waging trade wars, new research suggests seafood could be the next battleground.
There are Strange Objects Near the Center of the Galaxy. They Look Like Gas, but Behave Like Stars - Universe Today
Using 12 years of data from the W.M. Keck Observatory, a team of astronomers discovered mystery objects near the center of the galaxy that could be "puffy" stars www.universetoday.com/13943...