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The Middletown Insider: Trump - Week 30: Rebuilding America
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President Trump held a workforce and apprenticeship discussion in New Jersey. Under this President, we began a historic initiative to expand apprenticeship and workforce training programs in all industries. But that was just the start . . .
How Randyll Tarly Answers Game of Thrones’ Most Baffling Question
Thrones tarly

Randyll Tarly is not the nicest person on Game of Thrones. He named his son Dickon. He bullied his other son, Samwell, and gave him the choice between joining the Night’s Watch and death. In George R.R. Martin’s books, he’s horrible to Brienne of Tarth — when he’s not tormenting

The Music Behind the Words - Nine Authors Talk Inspiration
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While you're all waiting for the huge total eclipse event today, I've got something fun to share.For many writers, music is a huge influencer. Some can't write a word without audio accompaniment and their writing space has to incorporate a sound system as an essential part of their creative environment. Others can't write to music, but often plot or brainstorm to it, the songs helping define the emotions, mood and theme of a particular story or passage.Curious what music inspi... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
ApolloBox Uses ARKit For Shopping Experience
Apollobox arkit2

Since Apple entered the augmented reality (AR) sphere we have seen several companies experiment with the newly released ARKit to create new proof-of-concept idea for entertainment and videogame experiences, but one company has gone a different route, leveraging ARKit’s power to enhance online shopping.

Shopping online has many advantages, such as more competitive prices, g...

Eclipse Across America: An Interactive Multimedia Experience
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Watch as Scientific American readers and reporters all over the country show off their eclipse viewing adventures-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com www.scientificamerican.com/...
Calling the Change (Sky Raiders,
Calling the change
Review by Riley About Calling the Change He rescued her despite impossible odds—Garek has rescued Taya and the rest of …

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Could the Solar Eclipse Affect WIND Power?
Ray of hope for more abundant wheat crops
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(Lancaster University) Using infrared gas analyzers connected to a miniature controlled environment chamber, Dr. Samuel Taylor and Professor Steve Long,
at the Lancaster Environment Centre simulated a sudden increase in sunlight following shade, and measured the time it took for the plant to regain its maximum photosynthesis efficiency
and take full advantage of the extra energy from light. They found it took about 15 minutes for photosynthesis to reach maximum efficiency. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
SFRB Recommends 75: Relaunch Mission by Robyn Bachar
Living mission to mission on the fringes of civilized space, Captain Lindana Nyota has managed to keep her crew paid and her ship in one piece. Barely. The privateer's life of stealing Soviet supplies for the Alli... sfrcontests.blogspot.com/20...
UK scientists create world’s smallest surgical robot to start a hospital revolution | Society | The Guardian