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94 Always try everything...
As I do more graphic design, I realize that I need to stay open-minded when I'm creating. Oftentimes, I will try something, then try something else, then try something else and eventually come up with a design I really like. But sometimes I make a judgement about whether something will work or not without confirming that my judgement is correct. I made an assumption that a piece of art I finished was too detailed to be a logo in a smaller format. My husband casually asked if I had come to that c... read more
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93 The Power of Writing
#Writing transforms #reality.
#amwriting #poetry
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91 U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit
Updated collection of tools for climate resilient planning.
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91 Homeschool inspiration!
Homeschool Inspiration ... links to helpful sites! … via @sarahkwolfe
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88 Aquaponics 4 You
Aquaponic video
You want to know how to build your very own home made Aquaponics system?
Click on the next link :
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88 Space engineer Mark Russell has a plan to harvest energy from the earth using rockets
2mark russell hypersci w projectiles phot credit alex russell 620x413
This is a nice example of out-of-the box thinking that might help speed up the production of geothermal energy in the near future. If this catches on, this wil help produce renewable energy with a lower cost compared to traditional drilling techniques.
Russell is the CEO of HyperSciences, a Spokane-based company that is trying to use rockets to drill anywhere on the planet to access geothermal power. Right now, using the earth’s heat to create energy is not economical because drilling a hole... read more
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