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Günter Blobel, Nobel Laureate Who Found Cell ‘ZIP Codes,’ Dies at 81
20blobel moth
Dr. Blobel, at Rockefeller University, discovered that proteins in any given cell carry signals that guide them to where they can do their beneficial job. www.nytimes.com/2018/02/19/...
The Sorcery and Steam Bundle – Feature
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This looks like a great bundle. Of course, Pauline Baird Jones in the mix always helps. Her contribution is Specters …

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Long-lived Mars rover Opportunity keeps finding surprises
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity keeps providing surprises about the Red Planet, most recently with observations of possible "rock stripes." phys.org/news/2018-02-long-...
Why even a moth’s brain is smarter than an AI - MIT Technology Review
Moth learning
5 Things Every Parent Should Know About the Emergency Room During Flu Season
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Image Credit: © anjanettew | Sean at the ER | 

Bits of Famous, Lost (and Fake) 'Flying Saucer' Turn Up in British Science Museum
The flying saucer's copper bottom was covered in hieroglyphics, very much like the saucer discovered in Roswell, New Mexico. www.space.com/39723-silpho-...
Five surprising things DNA has revealed about our ancestors
Researchers recently used DNA from the 10,000-year-old "Cheddar Man", one of Britain's oldest skeletons, to unveil what the first inhabitants of what now is Britain actually looked like. But this isn't the first time DNA from old skeletons has provided intriguing findings about our ancestors. Rapid advances in genetic sequencing over the past few decades have opened up a whole new window into the past. phys.org/news/2018-02-dna-r...
Five SFF Books Set in the City of Light
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I spent eighteen months after university working in Paris, and ever since then the City of Light and the fiction it inspires have been close to my heart. Paris has always been a magnet for artists, both celebrated and struggling. Perhaps most famous were the glitterati visitors of the early twentieth century: Hemingway, the Scott Fitzgeralds...

Did Pox Virus Research Put Potential Profits Ahead of Public Safety?
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Privately funded scientists made a virus related to smallpox from scratch, hoping their version might lead to a better smallpox vaccine. But critics question the need — and worry about repercussions.

(Image credit: Chris Bjornberg/Science Source)

Ancient trail of Columbian mammoths uncovered in south-central Oregon
A fossilized trackway on public lands in Lake County, Ore., may reveal clues about the ancient family dynamics of Columbian mammoths. Researchers who excavated a portion of the path found 117 footprints thought to represent a number of adults as well as juvenile and infant mammoths. www.sciencedaily.com/releas...