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Student-Built Solar Electric Utility Vehicle to Compete in World Solar Challenge
ZBTB48 is both a vertebrate telomere‐binding protein and a transcriptional activator
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Telomeres constitute the ends of linear chromosomes and together with the shelterin complex form a structure essential for genome maintenance and stability. In addition to the constitutive binding of the shelterin complex, other direct, yet more transient interactions are mediated by the CST complex and HOT1/HMBOX1, while subtelomeric variant repeats are recognized by NR2C/F transcription factors. Recently, the Kruppel‐like zinc finger protein ZBTB48/HKR3/TZAP has been described as a novel te... embor.embopress.org/content...
Be Bigger, Fight Harder: Roxane Gay On A Lifetime Of 'Hunger'
Gay roxane photo credit   jay grabiec wide 5cdd9b79bc83c78c3f90a37535f730706ec590fd

Gay has finally written the book that she "wanted to write the least." The moment she realized she "never want to write about fatness" was the same moment she knew this was a memoir she had to write.

(Image credit: Jay Grabiec/HarperCollins)

Scandal (Scions of the Star Empire
Scandal crop
About Scandal  They can have anything they want…except a future. Nothing infuriates Princess Ione Ra more than having someone else take …

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'They said girls don't ride bikes': Iranian women defy the cycling fatwa
Religious leaders in Iran consider women on bicycles a threat to morality. But as traffic chokes the capital, Tehran, a counter-movement is growing www.theguardian.com/cities/...
Persistent, Deadly Heat at the Equator Could Be the Norm by 2100
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Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona, the temperature kept some planes grounded.
Phoenix was projected to reach of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, a near-record for the desert city, and hot enough that small planes cannot generate enough lift to fly. Phoenix and other cities have experienced similar conditions before, but only rarely—for now. The grounded passengers got to sit inside an air-conditioned terminal, at least. But in other parts of the world where temperatures are set to soar regularly above 1 blogs.discovermagazine.com/...
SpaceX Fires Up Used Rocket Ahead of Monday Re-Flight (Photo)
SpaceX test-fired a previously flown Falcon 9 rocket Thursday (June 15), paving the way for the booster's planned second liftoff on Monday (June 19). www.space.com/37213-spacex-...
Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time Lords Sweepstakes!
Who brief history

We want to send you a copy of Steve Tribe’s Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time Lords, available now from Harper Design!

Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time Lords tells the story of all of this ancient, legendary civilization, of notable histo...

Aeromexico starts service to Calgary, Canada from Mexico City | Aviation
Aeromexico aviation 16june2017
EL AL Israel Airlines finalises order for three additional B787 Dreamliners | Aviation
El al israel 21june2017