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98 Trump's lack of respect for science is alarming!
Thank you Scientific American! You have weighed in on an important debate. I agree with you completely. We cannot elect a man who has no appreciation for science and the scientific method.
3 comments August 24, 2016 @OldZale
96 Excellent Ways to Create a Peaceful and Calming Bedroom Space
Sensory friendly bedroom 300x158
Carolyn Feder is a Licensed Interior Designer and the founder of Sensory Interior Design. For years she has successfully helped families with children on the spectrum create colorfully pleasing and relaxing spaces combining her experience in the interior design industry along with psychology and synesthesia. Feder believes a holistic approach can transform a ‘hostile’ space into a healthy environment. We asked Feder to share her advice regarding the best ways to create a peaceful and calming b... read more
comments August 24, 2016 @AutismParentMag
96 awsome space exploration VR Video - Space engineers
hi guys
i made a video playing space engineers in VR check it out :D
please leave a like or a comment for feed back thanks :D
comments August 24, 2016 @P1zD0ntCry
92 Dirt off your shoulder
Voter's who need a shower from Hillary's lies, Corruption, her policies,Vote Trump.....And Brush the dirt off your shoulders.
4 comments August 24, 2016 Inchristthesolidrock