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I Loved These Books As a Teen — Do They Hold Up Now?
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I recently found myself combing through some boxes of old books and papers and came across a fascinating personal artifact. On the surface it’s a pretty unremarkable object, just a crumbling spiral-bound notebook covered in childish graffiti. But inside is over a decade of my life—a handwritten list of every book ...

Why The Chronicles of St. Mary’s is as Good as (Maybe Better Than) Doctor Who
The chronciles of st marys2
Excerpt from A Trail Through Time: The Chronicles of St. Mary’s Book Four by Jodi Taylor: Prologue And once again, I …

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Meanwhile in the arctic.. the polar bear in the new world.
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The Dreadful Enormity of Southern California's Wildfires
Space imagery reveals the scale of wildfires raging in SoCal. discovermagazine.com/galler...
Scientists Put a Worm Brain in a Lego Robot Body - And It Worked
Connectome worm robot lego2 1024

The brainwaves of a parasitic roundworm drove a Lego robot.

Chemists synthesize narrow ribbons of graphene using only light and heat
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Silicon—the shiny, brittle metal commonly used to make semiconductors—is an essential ingredient of modern-day electronics. But as electronic devices have become smaller and smaller, creating tiny silicon components that fit inside them has become more challenging and more expensive. phys.org/news/2017-12-chemi...
JPL deploys a CubeSat for astronomy
Tiny satellites called CubeSats have attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Besides allowing researchers to test new technologies, their relative simplicity also offers hands-on training to early-career engineers. phys.org/news/2017-12-jpl-d...
It's Suddenly Cold Out. Am I Going to Get Sick?
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A couple of weeks ago, the temperature in New York dropped something like 30 degrees in the span of a day. A month or so earlier, the city had seen the reverse— a 40-something-degree day was followed soon after by an unseasonable 70-degree one. Weather is my favorite boring thing to talk about, so whenever I saw someone after these rapid temperature changes I said something like, “Crazy weather, huh?” Usually they replied “Yep!” or “I know,” bringing our conversation to a welcome early clo...

Botanical exploits: How British plant hunters served science
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Collecting in the clouds: Remembering the British plant-hunters who diced with death to discover plants www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-...
Why You Watch the Original Mad Max Trilogy

We all know Fury Road is great, but perhaps you need some convincing that the original Mad Max trilogy is worth your time. Perhaps you missed Beyond Thunderdome each of the many times it was shown on a cable outlet, and are now leery of Tina Turner in a fright wig. Perhaps you think moviemakers couldn’t create a believable post-apocalyptic landscape ...