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Is Antarctica Gaining or Losing Ice? Nature May Have Just Settled The Debate

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For years, scientists have debated whether heavy inland snowfall on the vast East Antarctic Ice Sheet — Earth’s largest — balances out the rapid melting in West Antarctica.
Given enough snowfall, the continent might not yet be contributing to sea level rise.
Most research shows the melt rate is so high that the continent is indeed losing ice. But in 2015, a group of NASA scientists published a controversial study that found Antarctica was instead gaining ice. The NASA team combined spa blogs.discovermagazine.com/...


@trevormarr1 11 months ago
Yes there is underground volcanic activity that MAY be causing some west Antarctic melt, but as much as the Leftist Climate Cult screams with their hair on fire, reality mocks them! With sub zero temperatures, the ice is NOT melting catastrophically at all!