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Watchout for Roof’s Curb Appeal: Best Way to Sell House


Some homeowners pay attention to the exterior part of their house. Instead, they pay much attention to what can be seen inside. However, if you want to give your house a wow factor, you need to improve its outer appearance. When a home has a sentimental value for you, but you want to sell it, please reconsider your plans so that you need to attract buyers.


Detaching yourself from your house is the best way for the roofing of your house to upgrade its appearance. If your house is well-maintained, you have bigger chances of having selling it faster. And, this is because people want to purchase aesthetically pleasing house. The second thing they will ask you is how sturdy the house is.


In order to inspect the curb appeal of your roofing, it might be difficult for you to do it by yourself. Hiring an expert roofer won’t hurt. You know what will hurt? It is when you will going to fall because you don’t have the right equipment to use. If you have the capacity to check it, here are the factors you need to observe.

Look at the color

You will know that the appearance of your house alters when the color starts to change. For example, your walls. If you think that it has been years since you last repainted your house, then please apply a new coat of paint. However, in the case of roofing, you need to know what are the reasons behind the roof discoloration.


Listed below are the reasons why the roofing of your house starts to discolor.

  • Algae stains
  • Water stains
  • White stains on slate roofs
  • Rust stains
  • Trees & plant debris stains
  • Asphalt bleed-through

Remove unnecessary things

During the holiday season, how pleasant it is to see decorations nailed to your roof. It looks good, but you need to know that it will only bring damage to your roofing. Customizing your roofing is great to make it unique from others. However, it will ruin the curb appeal of your roofing. The following are the things you should stop installing your roofing.


  • Installation of satellite dish
  • Hanging a basketball hoop
  • Attaching of Christmas decors
  • Install solar panels directly to the roof


Never ignore this one. No matter how hard you try to maintain the look of your roofing, if you will only pay attention to beautifying it, you will just end up paying for more. Designs are good and pleasing but avoid installing it on your roof.  

Update your roofing

Following the trends are good, most especially if your target is the millennials. We are aware that the said generation have different kinds of preference when it comes to houses and their choices, in general. However, the kind of update that your roof needs is not about making it look trendy but to make sure it will last.


How can you make sure that the roofing will last? Of course, if you will going to have it repaired. Well-Maintained roofing is better than a roof with a lot of decorations. The following are the things you need to observe to maintain the curb appeal of your roof.


  • Leaky roof
  • Plumbing vent boots
  • Small holes
  • Step flashing
  • Walls and dormers


The first impression lasts. Remember, if you are selling something, you need to attract your buyers. Start maintaining your roofing to be able to retain the beauty of your house.