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Free Alternative program: Presence and Joy Booster program...

Now in San Diego north county: Connection & Presence Therapy Free Booster program, (non medical)
Autism Connection Therapy, also known as Presence Therapy in San Diego ( side note: now offering horse riding therapy)

It is a little known parents/child team program that has been successful in California and Florida but as an alternative therapy, quickly comes under attack by mainstream interests. Because it is a parent participating non-med therapeutic program, it has not become controversial amongst parents in regard to safety and swift results.
There are 36 years of quiet history behind the techniques designed to sequentially:
1. gain trust and comfort with the Presence Guide.
2. To establish a sense of physical freedom, which brings about a willingness to receive light, gentle control, from which one is free to elude.
3. Interest in returning to the session on one's own determinisam because it is safe and welcoming.
4. The phase of light connection, though overwhelming, is a good sensation and one which is increasingly welcomed, bringing about interest in this new experience.
5. Increased participation and willingness to offer up presence in short spirts, contributing to the connection - a step above becoming willing to experience the sensation of connection.
6. Enhancement of #5. Lengthening periods of connection and presence while bringing out more of one's personal presence.
7. Dissipation of need to withdraw. Increased internal comfort shows in reduction of stimming, frustration and other typical behaviors of autism.
8. Presence continues to increase over the 6-week program. Parents log changes daily, such as more speech, less stim, acceptance of food, social changes, etc.
The current open enrollment in Austin is donation-based. Parents take turns coming to sessions.
For more information, call Tracy, special needs Tutor and Presence Guide.
Thank you for the invite to post about Connection & Presence Therapy.
Tracy Sherwood