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Harvey and Irma aren’t natural disasters. They’re climate change disasters.


If you’re like me, you can’t stop yourself from watching the weather these days. And if you’re like me, you can’t help but think: Holy shit, it’s here.

Back-to-back hurricane catastrophes have plunged the United States into a state of national crisis. We’ve already seen one worst-case scenario in Texas: For the moment, Hurricane Harvey stands as the most costly natural disaster in U.S...



@trevormarr1 10 months ago
Sorry but nature happens! Climate happens! It hopefully always will! Onward! It is insane to pin the world's problems on a trace gas that exists 97% NATURALLY, it is needed for life to exist and it varies st a rate of 1 part per MILLION /year! Can you feel 1 Part per million???
@trevormarr1 10 months ago
Stay calm and emit on!!!
@trevormarr1 10 months ago
PS your own breath measures 40,000 ppm, so wetting the bed over 1ppm per year is agenda not reality!
@trevormarr1 10 months ago
We have far greater toxins to be wary of, but taxing a life giving element was easier I guess?
@trevormarr1 10 months ago
I agree, NATURE is in charge, we are fleas on an elephant. We have to be responsible, optimize, be respectful, but we must live! We will never increase our capability by regression in capability! Fossil Fuels will carry us to the next best thing. Those volcanoes and hurricanes are a reminders that we are wasting valuable time and money on trying to Control the Climate via Taxation and Control! We need to help the poor and build safer defences against NATURE with the $$$ we waste on climate scams!