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Why Isn’t It a Crime To Kill a Cyclist with a Car?
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*The number of Americans who commute via bicycle jumped by 64 percent between 1990 and 2009, yet the laws that protect them have lagged behind. Nationwide, the bike safety landscape looks like a patchwork of state regulations and variations in enforcement. In most states, the only law explicitly addressing bike safety is a safe passing law requiring drivers to give cyclists a cushion of anywhere from two to four feet. In only three states is it a felony offense to maim or fatally injure a bik... nextcity.org/features/view/...
4K—Chasing Matt Reyes and John Cardiel
Made a quick one with Slum & Cards while shooting in New York for the Chrome Industries familia video. As always filmed in 4K for your optical pleasure. Catc...
Family, friends mourn Paul Umino, longtime Petaluma doctor killed in cycling crash
Paul Umino, 74, a retired Petaluma doctor, died Wednesday after being stuck by a car while cycling on Valley Ford Road. www.pressdemocrat.com/news/...
Moving Mountains | Ladakh
Many many years ago, when there was no google maps or the internet, Ladakh was a far away mystical place for me. However, with the rapidly changing times aro...
Seattle’s new bike-share results: ‘We actually have a positive story to share’
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Ridership numbers for Seattle’s new private, stationless bike shares are dwarfing the old city-owned system. But the data so far only show summer months. Eastside cities are watching as they ponder bike shares. www.seattletimes.com/seattl...
Martyn Ashton Rides Whistler
Whistler is often hailed as the mecca of Mountain Biking. Home to the worlds best trails, biggest jumps and craziest MTB competition of them all. Crankworx. ...
This is a first prototype of a side-by-side bicycle linkage, connecting together adult's and kid's bikes. You can chat as you cycle along and keep them out o...
Cycle groups warn over 'car-dooring'
A door-opening method that involves using the "wrong" hand should be taught to drivers, groups say. www.bbc.com/news/uk-41219977
Settlement for $425,000 reached after bicyclist is killed by truck in Botetourt County
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FINCASTLE — An impending lawsuit over the death of a bicyclist from China who was hit by a tractor-trailer as he passed through Botetourt County on a cross-country trip was www.roanoke.com/news/crime/...
Crushing Mountain Bike Suspension Fork with Hydraulic Press
Mountain Bike Suspension Fork vs. our Hydraulic Press Music: Air - Gunnar Johnsén and Expressions 10 - Gunnar Johnsén from Epidemic Sound library goo...