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Win for cyclist as aggressive driver fined
FINALLY it appears the law is focusing on drivers as much as cyclists, with a motorist fined $400 and four demerit points after travelling too close to a bicycle rider. www.news.com.au/technology/...
Cyclists are Bad People That Destroy Cities With Their Selfishness
Cycling in cities is costly, damages local businesses, hurts city revenues, increases pollution, increase traffic, and leaves cyclists suffering black lung. www.dangerous.com/37925/bik...
DC Community supports the Transportation Benefit Equity Act
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Back in September, the DC Council's Transportation & the Environment held a hearing on the Transportation Benefit Equity Amendment Act of 2017. this bill requires certain employers to provide alternate transit benefits (such as access to a commuter highway vehicle,... www.thewashcycle.com/2017/1...
Road Bike Ride Vittorio Veneto Italy
Road Bike Training Ride Vittorio Veneto Italy Music by Guido Foddis - Arriva La Bubbana www.guidofoddis.it/ Subscribe: goo.gl/zwJDBM -~-~~-~~~...
Why we can't have nice things: dockless bikes and the tragedy of the commons
Behind this bucolic industry is a multibillion-dollar battle between China’s big tech companies and Silicon Valley, and the nightmare of vandals and parking www.theguardian.com/politic...
Fat Bikes - First Reactions!
In this video I told you guys my first reactions of my fat bike. I was super excited to get a fatbike and would definitely recommend getting one. Fat biking ...
5.3kg Hill Climb Machine - Joe's Custom Fuji SL 1.5
BikeRadar videographer Joe Norledge loves Hill Climbs, he also loves trying to get his bike as light as possible. With that in mind he set about upgrading hi...
It's is always good to know the ability of your friends and people you walk with This riders are great couldn't believe they can turn up this way it was pret...
New Orleans bicyclist's video shows enraged driver's attack after alleged attempts to ram bike
A video shared by a bicyclist in New Orleans on Wednesday shows the moments after he said an irate driver attempted to hit him with his vehicle, then exited and www.theadvocate.com/new_orl...
Victor Pizarro
Dear New Orleans bicycle community, this is a public post. Please share far and wide.
Yesterday afternoon, Tuesday October 24th, as my husband Tim was biking home down Elysian Fields after class... www.facebook.com/MasterV/po...