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Grazing horses on better pastures
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(American Society of Agronomy) Horses in less temperate zones may get some extra grazing. A new study shows warm-season annual grasses have good potential for use in horse pastures. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
Breeding salt-tolerant plants
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(University of Würzburg) The quinoa plant might serve as a model for making other crops salt-tolerant. It grows well on saline soils because the excess salt is simply dumped into special bladders on its leaves. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
Climate change, population growth may lead to open ocean aquaculture
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(Oregon State University) A new analysis suggests that open-ocean aquaculture for three species of finfish is a viable option for industry expansion under most climate change scenarios -- an option that may provide a new source of protein for the world's growing population. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
Mantis shrimp-inspired camera enables glimpse into hidden world
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(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) By mimicking the eye of the mantis shrimp, Illinois researchers have developed an ultra-sensitive camera capable of sensing both color and polarization. The bioinspired imager can potentially improve early cancer detection and help provide a new understanding of underwater phenomena, the researchers said.See a video of describing the study on YouTube. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
The melting ice makes the sea around Greenland less saline
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(Aarhus University) For the first time, ocean data from Northeast Greenland reveals the long-term impact of the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. The observed increase in freshwater content will affect the conditions in all Greenland fjords and may ultimately affect the global ocean currents that keep Europe warm. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
Some plants grow bigger -- and meaner -- when clipped, study finds
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(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Some plants behave like the mythical monster Hydra: Cut off their heads and they grow back, bigger and better than before. A new study finds that these 'overcompensators,' as they are called, also augment their defensive chemistry -- think plant venom -- when they are clipped.
The discovery could lead to the development of new methods for boosting plant growth while reducing the need for insecticides, the researchers said. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
Enzymes at work: Breaking down stubborn cellulose
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(Graz University of Technology) TU Graz researchers observe enzymes breaking down cellulose to aid the production of biofuels. The results are now published in Nature Communications. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
Pest resistance to biotech crops surging
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(University of Arizona) Pest resistance to genetically engineered crops Bt crops is evolving faster now than before, UA researchers show in the most comprehensive study to date. But as expected from evolutionary theory, resistance can be delayed if farmers comply with recommendations to make use of abundant refuges. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
Science News selected Carnegie's Josh Dinneny as 'scientist to watch'
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(Carnegie Institution for Science) Science News magazine has selected José Dinneny, of Carnegie's Department of Plant Biology, as one of ten young scientists to watch in 2017. The researchers were selected because they are likely to make big discoveries. The investigators are spotlighted in the October 14 edition of Science News available online today. www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...
Kune Kune piglets possess social learning skills and have an astonishingly good memory
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(University of Veterinary Medicine -- Vienna) Pigs are socially competent and capable of learning. But the combination of these skills, learning by observing others, has been insufficiently studied so far. Exact copying and understanding of demonstrated actions -- highly developed learning abilities -- could not be proven. A new study at Vetmeduni Vienna with Kune Kune pigs, could now show for the first time that pigs do learn from each other. The intelligent animals also possess remar... www.eurekalert.org/pub_rele...