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Florida's Farmers Look At Irma's Damage: 'Probably The Worst We've Seen'
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Hurricane Irma smashed through one of the country's top areas of fruit and vegetable production. The storm destroyed half of the citrus crop in some areas, as well as housing for seasonal workers.

(Image credit: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

At Bug-Eating Festival, Kids Crunch Down On The Food Of The Future
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The United Nations estimates that by 2050, the planet's 9 billion people will need to rely on bugs as a critical source of protein. Chefs and scientists are trying to get children on board early.

(Image credit: Melissa Banigan)

Guess What's Showing Up In Our Shellfish? One Word: Plastics
Image 47225 1 wide 723442f91bc5d9ebfee39c2c85a2b105bb898b07

Scientists predict that plastic in the ocean will eventually outweigh the fish there. Where is it all coming from? And is it making our food unsafe? Researchers are trying to find the answers.

(Image credit: Ken Christensen/KCTS Television)

For The First Time In Decades, Caffeinated Sodas On Sale At BYU Dining Halls
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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a complicated – and often misunderstood – relationship with caffeine. The university, which is majority Mormon, says it is responding to demand.

(Image credit: Jaren Wilkey/BYU)

Glacier Park's Scorched Sperry Chalet Was A Haven For The Hungry Hiker
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The remote Montana lodge could always be counted on for a soft cot and a hot meal. But the Sprague Fire, which is still raging, engulfed it. A silver lining: The kitchen and dining room may be spared.

(Image credit: Courtesty of Bret Bouda)

Nobody Takes The Bodega Out Of The Corner. Not Even A Startup
Bodega4 mercado wide 6566aff2faa65b2e95f46d723943fe949d0be611

A new startup wants to make these neighborhood stores "obsolete." But for many people, bodegas aren't just about convenience — they feed the spirit of a community.

(Image credit: Angely Mercado)

From Ocean To Potion: Kelp Finds A Niche In The Craft Beer Market
Cu of beer taps.unh wide 6ef0f4208c18141dcc06dbf82b1c2be13ac6b0da

Kelp isn't a new flavor enhancer for brewers. For hundreds of years, coastal farmers in Scotland grew grains in seaweed beds. But briny brews have been slow to catch on in the United States.

(Image credit: Courtesy of University of New Hampshire)

Three-Star Chef Asks Michelin Guide To Leave Him Out: 'I Will Be Able To Feel Free'
Gettyimages 850672402 wide ac0cfafe9df20bb022087cf083012cf9a079fc07

Sébastien Bras runs Le Suquet, a restaurant in southern France that first won its three stars in 1999. He cited the pressure of anonymous visits from the guide's inspectors two or three times a year.

(Image credit: Remy Gabalda/AFP/Getty Images)

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Beeeep! Your Microwave's 50th Anniversary Is Ready
Microwave wide 3e1094f228fc028c03d9545f9071cc5254f9b88a

No self-respecting cook would admit to using the food-nuker for anything more than heating up last night's pasta, but it's hard to deny the influence this little machine has had on American life.

(Image credit: Courtesy of The Smithsonian Institution )

Texas Farmers Suffer Extensive Crop Losses In Wake Of Harvey
Img 5570 wide 28a7b8747ab1ec7e3cca66e5e00d61ede85e33b7

Massive rainfall, winds and a slow drying-out process from Harvey have left many farmers overwhelmed and worried.

(Image credit: Carrie Kahn/NPR)