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Pairing Wine And Weed: Is It A California Dream Or Nightmare?
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Cannabis entrepreneurs hope to capitalize on the state's wine tourism industry by melding marijuana with meals and snagging some fertile land. But many winemakers are taking a wait-and-see approach.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Sonoma Cannabis Company/Kristen Jeanne)

This Soviet-Era Cookie Is Filled With Sweetness Amid Scarcity
Hotpot oreshki promo6 10 wide 56bd968cb0a7cf67b81b5fb9ad67474ba273ac4b

With many foods in short supply, Soviet bakers had to be creative. And while the U.S.S.R. is gone now, the walnut-shaped oreshki cookie endures. Russian ex-pat Alina Selyukh shows us how to make them.

(Image credit: NPR)

Preference Or Prejudice? Central Europeans Ask Why They Get Cheaper Ingredients
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Fish sticks with less fish. Lunchmeat with less meat. Central European nations say packaged foods sold there have lower quality standards than the same brands in the West. They want the EU to step in.

(Image credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon/Flickr)

Chipotle Stocks Dip After Some Va. Customers Report Illness
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Chipotle temporarily closed a Sterling, Va., restaurant to sanitize it. A company representative told NPR that the reported symptoms were consistent with norovirus.

(Image credit: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

Judge Overturns Utah's 'Ag-Gag' Ban On Undercover Filming At Farms
Utah wide 34aa483d5c9b151bf032dbf8b4c2ee7fc655faea

A farmer who supported the ban had said he and his colleagues "don't want some jack wagon coming in taking a picture of them."

(Image credit: George Frey/Getty Images)

How The Story Of Beer Is The Story Of America
Gettyimages 146118248 wide a7b9e51642532002276d4dcebbf8c4047b55008f

The Smithsonian's first brewing historian explores everything from immigration to urbanization through the lens of beer. And with the boom in microbrewing, she says beer's story has come full circle.

(Image credit: Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

Too Convenient? A Mobile Supermarket That Comes To You
Moby mart wide 0b3be61614bb48f63d93917b087dea180a0a6177

A concept called Moby Mart is being tested in China. Like 7-11 meets driverless tractor-trailer, the store could be summoned by an app and staffed by a holographic clerk. Are we entering WALL-E world?

(Image credit: Moby Mart)

So What Does A Deep-Fried Grasshopper Taste Like?
Grasshopper close wide 415c15af85540e70a4b59f828e454a45008cea38

As it turns out, not too bad. That's what our correspondent found in northeastern Nigeria. Maybe the secret is the hot pepper sauce!

(Image credit: Jide Adeniyi-Jones for NPR)

U.S. Distillers Brace For Possible EU Backlash Against Bourbon
Gettyimages 645318294 wide 33aa81b455c78a1126de9a53017f3b216be2a6e0

The Financial Times reports that, if President Trump decides to limit U.S. steel imports, EU officials might retaliate against whiskey. EU member nations buy more than half of U.S. bourbon exports.

(Image credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Film Independent)

A Middle Eastern Spin On A Classic Latino Dessert: Rose Cardamom Tres Leches
Cake1 wide 943e7c87fb7690acf33a1ce103d37fec22c0174b

In celebration of Eid al-Fatir, food blogger Abeer Najjar shares one of her favorite fusion desserts. She says the rose water and cardamom adds a floral and earthy flavor to this classic cold cake.

(Image credit: Ashley Young/NPR)