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U.S. Suicides Rates Are Rising Faster Among Women Than Men
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You can help prevent suicide, researchers say, by knowing the signs and reaching out. More boys and men in the U.S. take their own lives than women and girls, but that difference has narrowed.

(Image credit: Veronica Grech/Getty Images)

Fear And Frustration Over EPA Move To Kill Chemical-Disaster Protections
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The EPA intends to block rules to prevent and respond to leaks, explosions and other disasters at chemical facilities and refineries around the U.S. That scares many people who live and work nearby.

(Image credit: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Looking To History To Combat Wildfires
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After decades of modern fire prevention some forests are much thicker than they've been historically. New research offers a guide to thinning that could keep wildfires smaller and shorter.

(Image credit: Denver Water Department archives and Paula Fornwalt/U.S. Forest Service)

Enormous Dust Storm On Mars Threatens The Opportunity Rover
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With the sun entirely blocked out by dust, the solar-powered rover has presumably fallen asleep to wait out the storm. NASA scientists say they are "very concerned," but that they hope for the best.

(Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)

1 in 3 Adults In The U.S. Take Medications That Can Cause Depression
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200 medications have depression as a possible side effect. Now, a new study finds people who take these drugs are, in fact, more likely to be depressed. The more drugs you take, the higher the risk.

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More Rain, More Development Spell Disaster For Some U.S. Cities
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Climate change is increasing the frequency of rainstorms in many parts of the U.S., and those storms bring more rain. Many communities don't have the drainage systems needed to handle all the water.

(Image credit: David McFadden/AP)

Rethinking Chemotherapy In Some Breast Cancer Cases
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A new study released Sunday says that many women with early-stage breast cancer may not necessarily need chemotherapy as part of their treatment.

(Image credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

For Some Breast Cancer Patients, The Chemo Decision Just Got Easier
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Thousands of breast cancer patients could now safely avoid chemotherapy thanks to a major study of women with moderate risk of recurrence.

(Image credit: Lester Lefkowitz/Getty Images)

Scientists Take A Ride On The Pacific's 'Shark Highway'
Shark highway 1 wide 63719423ac4fe163be15e45f7a505747f17b8ee4

Biologists knew the sharks sometimes traveled from waters off Costa Rica south to the Galapagos Islands, but they'd never actually witnessed it.

(Image credit: Andy Mann/Waitt Foundation/PACIFICO)

Traces Of Opioids Found In Seattle-Area Mussels
Gettyimages 866163042 wide 8f5b3f578e095f8782824c413ab2abe0f323c9f9

Researchers said the discovery of pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in local harbors is not uncommon, but the agency noted that this is the first time that oxycodone has been found in shellfish.

(Image credit: David Silverman/Getty Images)