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Meet Luna the StarDog

Introductions are on the agenda today. I'd like you to meet Luna, the new pet-heroine from my upcoming release. This wonderful sketch was created by artist Nyssa Juneau and it beautifully captures... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
The End Is Nigh!
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It's the final week before my monsters finish school for the next seven weeks. Well, technically eldest is already done as she's spending this week doing work experience w... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
Misssion success1

In this age of the Internet, we authors are well used to flogging our books on blog tours, in Facebook groups and in every virtual space we can invade. The days of the actual book tour are almost gone, the opportunities for meeting readers at book signings and book fairs being increasingly limited.
That’s why I still welcome those chances wherever I can conjure them, like at last weekend’s Shore Leave Science Fiction convention in Hunt Valley, Mar...
Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat
Well, it's been quite a weekend! And in more ways than one.First a report on our horse breeding endeavors.
For the first time, two colts we bred were entered in the same race, an allowance race at the Downs at Albuquerque, right near our home turf. It was the first time these two had been at the same track together, much less in the same race. But it wasn't looking like a great scenario for either.
Blazing Away, or Zinger as we cal... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
Conspiracy theories and plot bunnies.
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When you run out of ideas for an SF story, you can always turn to the Internet for whacky news reports. My husband sent me spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
What's Wrong with this Picture? (SF Movie Review Duo)
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I very, very seldom invest in tickets to Hollywood movie releases anymore. Why? No, it's not the cost and it's not because I don't enjoy the sight, sound and live audience experience of seeing a feature film on the big screen. It's more a case of Hollywood and I not often seeing eye-to-eye on what constitutes great entertainment. This week, I've got two cases in point--reviews of two Sci-Fi movies at opposite ends of the genre spectrum. I caught these both on satellite. One is a flat,... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...

My summer of The Great Book Sale Quest continues! This weekend I’m in Hunt Valley, Maryland at the 39thAnnual Shore Leave Science Fiction Convention. Shore Leave is one of the nation’s largest fan-run SF cons, presented by the Star Trek Association of Towson (Maryland). 
This year’s guests include Kevin Sussman of THE BIG BANG THEORY, Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, Michael Hogan of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and FALLING SKIES...
4th of July Eggs-citement (hopefully)
Fireworks 574739 1920

Happy 4th of July! As a Brit, I don't celebrate it, but living in a garrison town that's had a fair share of US military staying, I've no doubt I'll hear the odd firework tonight. And as... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
My Five Fave Film
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Since Laurie posted her five films to inspire writers last week, I thought I'd share five of mine and the inspirational quotes or themes they gave me. They also tend to be my go-to comfort watches, films I go back to again and again when I just want to cuddle up under a blanket and forget about the real world (this isn't all of them, just my cosiest).

Galaxy Quest: "Never give up, never surrender!" Also our motto here at Spacefeighters Lounge. This is a rather blatant... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
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Events have conspired to steal my "blog time" this week. My family is in town--kids and grandkids demand attention, as they should!--and I'm doing some polishing on Book 4 of the Interstellar Rescue series before I send it off to my agent/publisher.So enjoy this image of a binary star ballet courtesy of NASA, and the U.S. space agency's excellent explanation of what's happening below.