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And in the category of Things We Really Don’t Need To See comes this news of Amazon’s plan for a new streaming series based on Tolkien’s epic Lord of the Ringstrilogy. According to Charles Pulliam-Moore of geeky website i09Gizmodo, Amazon Studios and Warner Brothers announced in a press release this week that they have negotiated the rights for and are working on the new series with the Tolkien estate, HarperCollins and New Line Cinema (which produced the Peter Jackson films... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
Dryden evolves - The Demon's Eye
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I dipped my toe into the waters of the Dryden Universe in A Matter of Trust. In that book I’d established an essentially Human Empire; an aloof, distant enclave of humanoid Jorts; and the warlike bad guys of the galaxy, the Yrmaks. But in a 30k novella, they were line drawings, without backstory and color. That would come later. And did come later, when I fleshed in the backstory and culture of the aliens, as well as where in our galaxy all this action was taking p...
The Future of Time
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After reading Donna's excellent blog on Daylight Savings Time on Friday--WHAT'S THE TIME? IT DEPENDS--it got my wheels turning on a subject that's sometimes come up in reviews. Because if you think adjusting to/off daylight savings is confusing, just wait. It's going to get worse. Much worse! Imagine when we start dealing with multiple planets, all with different measurements of time, seasons, years instead ... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
One Last Hurrah for Hero Dogs!
Okay, this is the post where I beg a little. Oh readers, hear my humble plea.Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 has had a great run so far, but our window to donate to Hero Dogs is closing and we want our donation this year--if at all possible--to be better than the $2,000 we donated last year...but we're not there yet. The donation period closes at midnight on November 11th, Veterans Day, so there's still a few days t... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
Progress Report:
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It's not been a great start. We had an unexpected guest on the 31st so instead of going through my WIPs to get an idea where to start, I was cleaning house. And now I'm working, I lose an extra day a week on top of not being able to work weekends. Eep! Plus yesterday was dear husband's birthday. So I've effectively only had two days out of seven to NaNo. Not good.
But hopefully I can make up some ground next week. I went into this November's NaNo with no expectations to hit 50K, only to ma... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
REVIEW: The Handmaid's Tale
Margaret Atwood's THE HANDMAID'S TALE was the first dystopian novel I ever read. It was a book my mother recommended, and like some of my Mom's other recommendations, I found it both brilliant and brutal. As a matter of fact, A... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
Pronoun is closing

Well, well. Pronoun is closing. <sigh> Yet again I have to revamp all my books and take them elsewhere for distribution. I'm guessing that Draft 2 Digital offered Amazon a better deal than Macmillan, and Macmillan now ho longer has any use for the very excellent Pronoun. I suppose one good outcome was that D2D was sufficiently shaken by Pronoun's presence to cause it to lift its game in formatting.For those interested, I'll return to D2D for distribution to B&N, Inkter...
Candle in the dark  by happenedtolive d4c60zw

Let’s get this straight. If you hate this time of year because all of a sudden it’s really, really dark when you emerge from the ca... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
Snippet Saturday: The Message - from Courting Disaster
Welcome back for the third Snippet Saturday!For the last two weeks, I've shared excerpts from Courting Disaster, my Inherited Stars Series story that's included in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2.If you'd like to see the previous Saturday snippets, you can read them here:October 21 - Jagger and Ketsia First Meet
How Halloween Came To Be *Cue Spooky Music*
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Halloween is the spookiest and creepiest of all our traditional holidays, but what are the origins of this odd celebration symbolized by ghosts, ghouls, bats and jack o' lanterns? I did a little digging and here's what I found.If you really *do* want to cue the spooky sound effects just to set the mood while you read, I have just the thing...
The Ancient History of Halloween

About 2000 Years Ago