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Trilogy of Topics--Hawking, Water and PiSA3
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Today, I have three different topics to blog about. It's been a busy week!RIP Stephen HawkingRenown scientist Stephen Hawking died the morning of March 13, 2018 in his Cambridge home. His death came some 55 years after he was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease (ALS) in 1963...and given two years to live. What he accomplished in all those "borrowed years" was nothing short of spectacular.In that five-and-a-half decade span, he was confined to a wheel... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
What would an alien society look like?

Toreni, Chet, and Jirra
I'm sure you all know I'm working on the WIP – Mystery of the Ice Warriors. It's set firmly in the Manesai (Morgan Selwood) universe, so I have to make sure that ...
Only the Brave: Movie Commentary
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During my career, I had a fair share of exposure to the natural phenomena called wildfires. Though most probably think of New Mexico as a desert state, the truth is it contains millions of acres of forests and at least three major wilderness areas--the Gila (the largest at 3.3 million acres), the Pecos, and the Jemez, and five major designated National Forests. In fact, the original Smokey Bear - the little rescue... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
Unintended consequences
Stephen hawking 2013
Renowned astophysicist Stephen Hawking has died. At 76, he exceeded his life expectancy by over fifty years, having been diagnosed with ALS, a rare form of motor neuron disease, at age 21. I'm... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...

And now for some news from the world of Technology Beyond Good Sense.
According to George Dvorsky at Futurism, scientists at MIT and 21stCentury Medicine have developed a new mammalian brain preservation technique that makes it possible to save the information stored within the structure of the brain—memories, for example, or sensory data—after the death of brai...
Hellos and Goodbyes
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I haven't had anything much of interest to post lately, and if any of you saw the recent weather reports for us in the UK related to The Beast From The East and Storm Emma, you can imagine life was a little more complicated for a few days.
But despite nothing of interest writing and SFR wise, I know some of you like my chicken updates and there's been quite a bit of development there, so I thought I'd do a quick recap on that at least.
First the bad news...Farewell... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
So What Exactly is The Cloud?
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Happy Monday.While doing some research for a future novel, I realized I was a bit fuzzy on this whole "Cloud" thing. What exactly is The Cloud. And what does it do?My understanding was about this sophisticated: The Cloud is someplace over the rainbow where I store a bunch of manuscripts and photos and music and files and stuff, and I think of it as this nebulous place high above the ground but below the exosphere where all this information just sort of hangs in the atm... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
The allure of history in SF
Terracotta warriors at XianI'm over 40k words into my new book, and it's all falling into place as science fiction with a large helping of history. It seems to be a pattern with me, maybe because I find history ... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
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Well, it’s been a rough week all around, dear readers. So, here, courtesy of Reid Carter of AV Club, is a tip about a YouTube show that goes wa-a-a-y beyond your typical cat video. In fact, it combines my two favorite YouTube video addictions—martial arts and cats!
Yes, this is the (in)famous Neko Zamurai  (Samurai Cat), an historical series about...
And the Flame is Extinquished...
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Good Monday Morning!This will be a very short post because I've got a ton of "Life Happening" at the moment, but I wanted to reflect a little on the 2018 Olympics which just wrapped.