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Scientists are slowly unlocking the secrets of the Earth’s mysterious hum
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A ceaseless drone of unclear origin rolls imperceptibly beneath our feet, and might unlock great secrets if we understood it better. www.washingtonpost.com/news...
Tylenol May Help Ease The Pain Of Hurt Feelings
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Acetaminophen, the world's most popular painkiller, doesn't just dull physical aches, it also has subtle psychological effects, researchers say. But blunting emotions isn't always a good thing. www.npr.org/sections/health...
Race to Decode Coral DNA to Save World’s Reefs From Extinction
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New genetic technologies are enabling scientists to identify traits that may help corals survive warming ocean temperatures that threaten the survival of coral reefs critical to marine ecosystems. www.newsdeeply.com/oceans/a...
Canadian PhD student makes groundbreaking cancer discovery
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Caitlin Miron has found a way that could stop the spread of cancer cells. glbn.ca/e5OVZo
Fraying ties among academia, industry, and government hurt scientists and science
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A convocation of experts held last month highlights the importance of these relationships www.sciencemag.org/careers/...
Low Socioeconomic Status Affects Life Expectancy More Than Obesity - Viral Hub
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A low financial status is so harming to wellbeing, it decreases future by 2.1 years. That is more regrettable than corpulence or hypertension and a consortium of worldwide specialists are calling for it to be dealt with like some other real wellbeing hazard factor. The worldwide investigation included information from 40,000 Melbournians cordiality of Cancer Council Victoria and additionally examines from the UK, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and the USA. In these nations, analysts dem... www.viralhub.net/low-socioe...
The effectiveness of prehospital hypertonic saline for hypotensive trauma patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis
The optimal prehospital fluid for the treatment of hypotension is unknown. Hypertonic fluids may increase circulatory volume and mute the pro-inflammatory response of the body to injury and illness. The purpose of this systematic review is to determine whether in patients presenting with hypotension in the prehospital setting (population), the administration of hypertonic saline (intervention), compared to an isotonic fluid (control), improves survival to hospital discharge (outcome). Searche... bmcemergmed.biomedcentral.c...
Pregnant T. rex Found, May Contain DNA
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Fragments of DNA may be preserved in the fossil of the pregnant T. rex. www.seeker.com/pregnant-t-r...
Researchers discover breakthrough process for directly converting methane to methanol
MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE (Nov. 30, 2017) – The direct oxidation of methane—found in natural gas—into methanol at low temperatures has long been a holy grail. Now, researchers at Tufts have found a breakthrough way to accomplish the feat using a heterogeneous catalyst and cheap molecular oxygen, according to a paper published today in the journal Nature by a team led by Tufts University chemical engineers. now.tufts.edu/news-releases...
Benefits of coffee outweigh risks, says study
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But there is no reason to start drinking coffee for health reasons, the BMJ study found. www.bbc.com/news/health-420...