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85 Take a Solar System 'Road Trip' with Astronaut Chris Hadfield in 'Miniverse'
The solar system is shrunk down to the size of the continental United States in a new online movie hosted by retired astronaut Chris Hadfield. Joined by a few traveling companions, Hadfield makes his way from coast to coast, and planet to planet. www.space.com/36216-solar-s...
92 Earth's Magnetic Cocoon Mapped in Extreme Detail
Satellites have provided a detailed view of the small but vitally important magnetic signals emitted by Earth's outer shell, known as the lithosphere, the European Space Agency (ESA) said. www.space.com/36183-satelli...
91 French Mathematician Yves Meyer Wins Top Prize for 'Wavelet Theory'
Yves Meyer, a French mathematician who did pioneering work on a signal processing tool known as wavelet analysis, has won the Abel Prize, one of the top math prizes.
91 Monster Galaxy Cluster Sheds Light on Cosmic Microwave Background (Image)
Two telescopes teamed up to image one of the most massive known galaxy clusters. The results can help astronomers understand the universe and its origins.
91 How Greenhouse Gases Warm the Planet | Video
Greenhouse effect
Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide absorb radiation and release it back toward Earth, causing our planet to warm up over time. www.space.com/36025-how-gre...
90 Photographing an Exoplanet: How Hard Can it Be?
There's a good reason humanity hasn't yet seen pictures of an Earth-like exoplanet www.space.com/36109-photogr...
85 Bill Nye’s 5 US Space Program Recommendations To The President | Video
Sp 170313 bill nye open letter
The CEO of the Planetary Society recommends continuing the course to Mars, strengthening NASA science programs, embracing commercial space and more in an open letter to Donald Trump. www.space.com/36058-bill-ny...
84 NASA Tests SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule's Life-Support Systems
Spacex crew dragon eclss module
NASA engineers are evaluating the life-support system planned for SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule to make sure it will keep astronauts safe while they're traveling to and from the International Space Station. www.space.com/36014-spacex-...
84 Mercury Is Joining 2017's Evening Sky: How to See It
Next week, Venus will leave our evening sky as it passes through inferior conjunction on March 25 and transitions into a morning object. But as Venus departs the evening sky, another planet will soon take its place: Mercury. www.space.com/36120-mercury...
83 Collapsing Cliff Caused Comet 67P's Brilliant Outburst
A cliff's collapse likely caused a bright outburst of gas and dust on Comet 67P in 2015, scientists announced today (March 21). www.space.com/36157-rosetta...