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Here’s the one dude defending Trump’s latest bid to save coal
Coal plant baltimore

President Trump keeps trying to make coal happen. Last week, he told Energy Secretary Rick Perry to extend a lifeline to unprofitable coal and nuclear plants that are struggling to survive while competing against natural gas plants and renewables.

The rationale for propping up these plants? We might need their power soon. The United States keeps shutting down old power p...

Zaria Forman draws the glaciers we’re losing
Zaraih e1527455604860

In 2016, Zaria Forman got the opportunity of a lifetime. Officials at NASA reached out to the Brooklyn artist — who hand draws massive, pastel landscapes depicting polar ice — and invited her to join their IceBridge operation.

According to Forman, as part of IceBr...

What’ll we eat in 2050? California farmers are placing bets.
Lemon avocado prickly pear

Chris Sayer pushed his way through avocado branches and grasped a denuded limb. It was stained black, as if someone had ladled tar over its bark. In February, the temperature had dropped below freezing for three hours, killing the limb. The thick leaves had shriveled and fallen away, exposing the green avocados, which then burned in the sun. Sayer estimated he’d lost one ...

Foundations pour money into tackling climate change, but not curbing carbon
Climate charity

Big charitable foundations that shape the climate movement dole out cash for renewables and energy efficiency. But where’s the love for nuclear power, carbon capture, and geoengineering?

It’s nonexistent. That’s the finding of a new paper published this week by Matthew Nisbet, a professor at Northeastern Universi...

Utah sobers up from climate denial

The flamboyantly conservative state of Utah — home to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, an all-Republican government, and the Utah Jazz — now officially recognizes climate change, thanks to a bunch of kids.

Seven high-school students stood behind the desk of Gov. Gary Herbert this week

California is turning farms into carbon-sucking factories
Almond trees

In a grand experiment, California switched on a fleet of high-tech greenhouse gas removal machines last month. Funded by the state’s cap-and-trade program, they’re designed to reverse climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of...

Despite Trump, more Republicans grasp that climate change is our fault
Global warming caused by humans chart

In the year after the 2016 election, Republican opinion on climate change strayed further from the scientific consensus. In October — even after record-breaking 

The Bering Sea’s ice has never melted this early before
Bering sea sea ice

On Alaska’s West Coast, the feeble April sun is shining this week on a fresh spot of open water. The sea ice found there for ages every spring is gone.

Ice in the Bering Sea, the narrow body of water between Russia and Alaska, has dropped to its lowest springtime level

FEMA has the worst excuse for leaving climate change out of its strategy.
Gettyimages 868621940 e1525457542301

In March, after a year of record-shattering natural disasters, the Federal Emergency Management Agency released its long-term strategic plan. And that 37-page document somehow neglected to mention climate change — somet...

The French president gave America the climate change speech that Trump never will.
Emmanuel macron

After a painfully awkward visit to the White House, Mac...