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Regenerating soil can double corn farmers’ income - Anthropocene
Corn growing
Farming sustainably isn’t just good for the planet: if it’s done right it can double profits too, finds a new study published in PeerJ. www.anthropocenemagazine.or...
Chinese researchers discovered an agricultural miracle to feed the planet without destroying it
India funding agriculture
The work lays out how to increase crop yields, while decreasing the amount of nitrogen-rich fertilizer that's used. That has big implications for more more environmentally-sustainable farming. qz.com/1228061/chinas-agric...
Do you agree with the following sentence? "Precision agriculture must become the main form of agriculture." - Data analysis in agriculture|agristats
130625 selsk agri eu
This is a one-question survey asking whether precision agriculture must become the main form of agriculture. Help us by answering easily and quickly our survey. www.agristats.eu/en/precisi...
Do You Know Where Your Fish Is Coming From? Blockchain May Provide the Answer
Blockchain fish fb
If you’re like most people, the true origin of your seafood remains mostly unknown. What’s more, it can be even more difficult to know whether the fish you’re eating is sustainably and ethically sourced. Are you unwittingly contributing to forced labor and unsustainable fishing practices? Is blockchain the answer? The lack of transparency in food … cryptoslate.com/know-fish-c...
Open Source Agriculture and Food Computers: The Future of Food Production
Computer food
The future of humankind is dependent on the ability to overcome one of the greatest challenges it is currently facing: sustainability. Whilst the challenge is clear, the path to a successful sustainable food system is not. One question is to what degree technological development can influence the food production chain. evolving-science.com/enviro...
Total ban on bee-harming pesticides likely after major new EU analysis
Analysis from EU’s scientific risk assessors finds neonicotinoids pose a serious danger to all bees, making total field ban highly likely www.theguardian.com/environ...
Internet of Things (IoT) can help eliminate key causes of food waste - Data analysis in agriculture|agristats
Tumblr oy54dqghpu1r5ywtto1 1280
Advances in Internet of Things (IoT) can help eliminate key causes of food waste. They can boost related initiatives which are already underway and have produced promising results. www.agristats.eu/en/interne...
Alibaba is using artificial intelligence to help raise pigs in China
Alibaba pigs
The e-commerce giant is offering AI software to a major pork producer to track the health of its hogs. qz.com/1202142/alibaba-is-u...
EU says Bayer Monsanto must not hurt competition in digital farming: p
Bayer needs to ensure that a merger with rival Monsanto does not stifle competition in digital farming, the European Union's Competition Commissioner Margrethe Verstager told a German newspaper on Saturday. www.reuters.com/article/us-...
A Decades Old Once Thought Eradicated Scourge Returns To Europe
1280px stem rust close up
Scientists at the John Innes Centre look into the re-emergence in Europe of the deadly plant fungus that causes wheat stem rust and how to combat it. bioscriptionblog.com/2018/0...