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Is a product's label the last castle of protectionism? Should it be? - Data analysis in agriculture|agristats
Means of protectionism in the past have been applied in order to enhance or retain the national or regional competitive advantage. www.agristats.eu/en/is-a-pr...
The Green Promise of Vertical Farms
Indoor farms run by AI and lit by LEDs can be more efficient than field agriculture, but can they significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions? spectrum.ieee.org/energy/en...
B.Sc. Agriculture - Dolphin PG College of Science & Agriculture
Agriculture is concerned with cultivation, processing and marketing of crops & livestock. Most of the specializations in agriculture have a strong focus on the innovative use of technologies for higher productivity and optimal use of natural resources. India is one of the leading agricultural country in the world, agricultural sector contributes 29.4% of GDP and employs about 64% of the work force. dolphinlifesciences.com/cou...
Leading supplier of biostimulants Dora Agri-Tech
Introduction of Dora Agri-Tech,it's the leading supplier of biostimulants for eco-farming in China.
Start Organic Vegetable Farming [Guide to Success] - Farming Method
How to start organic vegetable farming
Want to Start an Organic Vegetable Garden?  Learn how easily you can start your own organic vegetable farming. This is the must follow beginner guide for every farmer to become successful. farmingmethod.com/start-org...
Agro-Espionage: How China Tried to Steal U.S. Rice Research - Security Boulevard
Rice research
China continues to conduct agro-espionage in the U.S. as they fulfill the direction of their current national plan to advance their agricultural sector by 2035 and to do so by acquiring technologies to conduct a generational leapfrog. securityboulevard.com/2018/...
Providing Pathogen Resistance To Cacao Trees Using CRISPR-Cas9
Scientists at Penn State University have given pathogen resistance to cacao trees by using a gene knockout process with CRISPR-Cas9. bioscriptionblog.com/2018/0...
The Possibility of Making Organic Foods Globally Accessible through Blockchain Technology
The food industry is undeniably one of the largest industry in the world. medium.com/@e661f1aa8581/da...
क्या अपने खाया है बाजरा का पुंख | Bajra Grain/Pearl Millet in Village Farm video
The Bajra watch video गावो के खेतो में बाजरा के पुंख को कैसे बनाते है देखे वीडियो | Bajra Grain/Pearl Millet | kheto se bajra ke punkh ko kaise banate hai. v...
Understanding Cover Crops