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Ars on your lunch break, week 4: Our closing remarks on Fermi’s Paradox
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Enlarge / "OMG I love this song." (credit: Warner Bros.)

Today, we present the third and final installment of my interview British astronomer Stephen Webb on the subject of Fermi’s paradox. Please check out parts

Building the world’s highest-resolution telescope
Nopi sat 800x636

Enlarge / The Y-shaped Navy Precision Optical Interferometer in northern Arizona can function like a telescope with a mirror 400 meters wide. (credit: Google Maps)

If Lowell Observatory’s Gerard van Belle gets his way, someday soon you’ll be ...

Russian editor: Our space program is entering the “Dark Ages”
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Enlarge / Russia's President Vladimir Putin and former Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin shake hands during a meeting at the Konstantin Palace. (credit: Mikhail MetzelTASS via Getty Images)

These are not the best of times for the Russian space industry. Due to bud...

Supermassive black hole shot a neutrino straight at Earth
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Enlarge / Strings of photodetectors under the ice at the South Pole light up when neutrinos interact with the ice. (credit: IceCube/NSF)

For most of astronomy's history, understanding the heavens was limited to what we could see: the narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum that cons...

US energy agency: Sorry coal, natural gas is having another record summer
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Enlarge / FORT WORTH, Texas: The Barnett Shale Gas field at dusk, February 27, 2006. XTO Energy Inc. is extracting natural gas at this facility. (credit: J.G. Domke/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Between 2018 ...

Selfies show worm slithered through woman’s face for 2 weeks
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Enlarge / Doctors were able to extract the worm, a D. repens. (credit: Kartashev and Simon)

A 32-year-old woman who visited a rural area outside of Moscow returned home...

Buzz Aldrin returns to Twitter, sues his son and former manager
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Enlarge / NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, left, meets backstage with former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, prior to giving the keynote speech at the Humans to Mars Summit in May, 2018, at George Washington University in Washington. (credit: NASA)

All is not well in ...

Want to halt global warming and raise living standards? Get efficient
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Enlarge / There's more than one way to light a cat video. (credit: Marco Verch)

Some people hold the mistaken idea that the only way to solve climate change is to go back to a stone age style of living—may...

Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting recast as bedtime audio series to help you sleep
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Enlarge / TV painting instructor/artist Bob Ross using a large paint brush to touch up one of his large seascapes in his studio at home. (credit: Acey Harper / Getty Images)

Blissful and soothing reruns of Bob ...

Supermassive black hole swallows star, lights up galaxy core
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Enlarge / The galaxy merger, with an artist's representation of a star being drawn into a black hole. (credit: Sophia Dagnello, NRAO/AUI/NSF; NASA, STScI)

The supermassive black holes at the center of mature galaxies tend to be quiet. Their activity will have blasted away most of the near...