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Using Classic Sci-fi To Influence New Stories in the Hikoboshi Series by @spajonas
Blade runner asimov final
by S.J. Pajonas 
My mom was the first person to hand over a science fiction book to me. I remember that moment when she produced CHILDHOOD’S END by Arthur C. Clarke and said, “I think you’ll enjoy this.” I was already a Star Trek and Star Wars fan, so she knew what I was into. She understood my need to dream amongst the stars. And that book? It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Growing up a child in the 80s and 90s, I spent a lot of time in the library. I... sfrcontests.blogspot.com/20...
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In the harsh Northern Waste where human life is worth little, ice trucker Raina Bowen has learned to keep her eyes open and her knife close at hand. She's spent her life on the run, one step ahead of the megalomani... sfrcontests.blogspot.com/20...
Why My Characters Don't Say I Love You by @karalockharte
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by Kara Lockharte  
In my books, I often avoid having my characters say “I Love You.”
Because “I love you,” can take on many different meanings and forms.
A man can say “I love you,” to his sister (though if you’re my brother, you...
Monday Meet the Author: Susan Hayes
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Hi, my name is Susan Hayes and I love SFR. I’m an unapologetic geek who could flash the Vulcan hand gesture bef... sfrcontests.blogspot.com/20...
Talking Story Prompts by @vscotttheauthor
by Veronica Scott One of the things I love most about writing is how you can give a group of authors the same story prompt – whether it’s one word, a phrase, a concept or a few common elements – and you’ll get as many different stories as there are people in the group. 
Sometimes in the various author groups I’ll see a new person posting something angsty about their totally unique story idea and their fear someone will steal it, so how can they have beta readers, critique ...
SFR Authors Supporting ALS Research
Happy May Day! This month, a group of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance authors have banded together to support the ALSA and ALS research by forming the Blue B... sfrcontests.blogspot.com/20...
From @LibbyDoyle9: Want to get to know your favorite writer? You already do.

By Libby Doyle
In Stephen King’s great series The Dark Tower, he famously introduced himself into the s...
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Spiral path
After defecting from the Star Union eleven years ago, Starship Captain Lara Soto is now the leader of the free Chimerans. Her only regret is the intense young officer she left behind. When Terra's S.U.S...
Meet the Author: Greta van der Rol
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This week, we have long-time SFR Brigade member and administrator, Greta van der Rol, here from Down Under to share a little abo... sfrcontests.blogspot.com/20...
Meet the Author: Lance S A Nielsen
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This week we're interviewing a newer member to the SFR Brigade ranks, Lance S A Nielsen, who comes to authordom wit... sfrcontests.blogspot.com/20...