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95 The Company Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline Just Had 2 Major Spills
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Millions of gallons of drilling fluids have spilled into Ohio's wetlands.

94 This New Browser Plug-in Lets You Access Millions of Scientific Papers for Free
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90 Human Umbilical Blood Has Regenerated the Brains of Elderly Mice
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We swear this isn't science fiction.

89 The First Mars Astronauts Could Be Trapped Inside a Tube for Years With No Chance of Escape
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And they don't even get to land.

88 Indonesia's 'Hobbits' Are Far Older Relatives Than We Originally Thought
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An unexpected journey.

88 Huge Amounts of Mercury Have Vanished From Utah's Great Salt Lake
Great salt lake utah 1024

"Mercury's really tricky. It changes form."

85 Study Finds a Link Between Diet Drinks and Strokes That Cause Dementia
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So much for that.

84 Brain Scans of One-Handed People Are Completely Changing Our Understanding of the Brain
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"The implications, if this interpretation is correct, are massive."

84 The Mystery Path of Antarctica's Blood Falls Has Finally Been Revealed
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What feeds the ooze.

78 Introducing Steve - a Newly Discovered Astronomical Phenomenon
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What the hell is that thing?