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Getting Ready for CampNaNo
I am getting ready to participate in CampNaNoWriMo again. Here's how.
How does his first hunt affect the soul of this adolescent? A short story. www.kennethweene.com/hunter
This is my NaNoWriMo project this year.
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When Diego learns that his beloved sister Adalyn has contracted Morbus, an almost incurable disease, he will risk everything to save her life. He is even willing to traverse through the Dark Forest to get her to the grand city of Perfecta where lies the only person capable of saving her. However, no one who has entered the Dark Forest has emerged. Nevertheless, he will risk losing his life if it means saving his sister.
How far are you willing to go to save someone precious to you?... read more
How I Find Clients – Tackling The Most Tenacious Freelancing Problem
How to find clients
Here are the tips, tricks and techniques I use to land clients. vagabondwriters.com/how-to-...
Return to Me by Scott Willis

Jerrico gets a job offer to work in his old high school and moves back to his hometown. But a lot has changed. He left a straight boy to go to the military and now he’s returning as a gay teacher. But what he doesn’t expect is to see Ricky, his old best friend from high school, working as the football coach at the same high school. After a drunken hook up the summer after their senior year, Ricky and Jerrico haven’t spoken. But Jerrico hasn’t completely forgotten his old feelings since Ricky w... read more
3D Touch Peek and Pop Tutorial
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In the "3D Touch Peek and Pop Tutorial", I will show you how to use the Peek and Pop feature in iOS app development. blog.zaven.co/3d-touch-peek...
This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Favorite Fictional Couples
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I have never been the type of person who gets crushes on famous actors, has a book boyfriend, favorite band or heck, even a favorite food. Sure I have likes and dislikes; I like Chris Hemsworth more than Liam Hemsworth and Mexican Food more than Chinese, but never have had an outright favorite.
Tip Tuesday #27 – Girl With A Pen
Tip Tuesday #29 – Girl With A Pen
Belle and Cassidy by Felicia Strobe
Bookish, nerdy Annabelle Jones has accepted the fact that her life will be a boring one filled with nothing but academics.
After her boyfriend, Tyler, breaks up with her for another girl she's convinced she won't find love again. Seeing Tyler with his new girlfriend sends Belle into a blind craze that takes her and best friend to a concert. There, Belle hopes to find out more about Tyler's relationship, but she soon realizes it was a mistake and she's ready to give up and go home.
That i... read more