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Five SFF Books Set in the City of Light
Parisadrift crop

I spent eighteen months after university working in Paris, and ever since then the City of Light and the fiction it inspires have been close to my heart. Paris has always been a magnet for artists, both celebrated and struggling. Perhaps most famous were the glitterati visitors of the early twentieth century: Hemingway, the Scott Fitzgeralds...

HBO Releases Westworld Season 2 Teaser and Premiere Date
Westworld super bowl teaser dolores

This world is a lie. Because it’s your world.

Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve (Thandie Newton), and the rest of the residents of Westworld are breaking into the real world in the first season 2 teaser released by HBO—plus, we now know when the next season will premiere!

This haunting trailer feature...

Hugo Nominations Open and Locus Recommends 2017’s Best Books!
Hugo award logo

Hugo nominations are open, and Worldcon 76 has announced their host: Artist Guest of Honor John Picacio! Plus, Locus Magazine has announced their 2017 Recommended Reading List, and voting is open for the Locus Awards.

Picacio, himself a two-time Hugo winner, said: “It’s a huge honor to be the host of one of science fiction and fantasy’...

The Tor.com eBook Club Returns With Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World!
Eye of the world crop

The Tor.com eBook Club is back! How it works: Each month while the Club is active, Tor.com gives away a free sci-fi/fantasy ebook via email to Club subscribers. All you have to do is sign up.

Previous Club offerings have included Gene Wolfe, Elizabeth Bear, Charles Stross, Jo Walton, David Weber, and more. The offering for Februa...

The Cloverfield Paradox Undoes Itself Trying to Be Two Different Movies
Clover paradox hamilton

Ten years ago, all J.J. Abrams’ company Bad Robot had to do was tweet a date (1/18/08) and a poster with something lurking over New York City, and fans were hooked months before the found-footage sci-fi movie came out. But while the past decade has seen two more installments ostensibly existing in the same Cloverfield mythos, each one...

Sleeps With Monsters: The Women of Black Panther Are Amazing
Black panther women

Seeing Black Panther was an experience. It’s a gorgeous film, with a strong storyline and probably the tightest narrative I’ve yet seen in a superhero film.* The Afrofuturism of the setting—technology so advanced it may as well be magic, tied to what’s clearly a long historical tradition—is a glittering vision** of possibility, undercut w...

How Netflix is Changing Science Fiction (Beyond Big Marketing Gimmicks)

Sense8. Okja. Bright. The OA. Mute. Travelers. Dark. Altered Carbon. The Cloverfield Paradox. Plus The Expanse and Annihilation, internationally speaking. In the last few years Netflix has positioned itself as a hub for contemporary genre fiction TV and movies. And these titles are just the tip of th...

Going Native: Andre Norton’s Lord of Thunder

In light of some of the comments on previous entries in this reread, I think I should clarify what this series is about.

It’s a reread of books I loved as a child and a teen. That means it’s subjective. It’s about how I reacted then, and whether that reaction is the same now, or w...

Terminal Alliance by Jim C Hines
Terminal Alliance, the first book in Jim C Hines’ new Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse series, can be summed up in one word: fun. It’s a humorous take on military science fiction, a departure from his previous fantasy novels. I’ve read Hines’ rather excellent Magic Ex Libris series so seeing him turn his hand to my… www.sffworld.com/2018/02/te...
In the Abyss on Kindle Scout
Project cover image 1. sy400
On a pentad of stolen fantasy worlds in a pocket universe created by a jealous god, friendships disintegrate as civil war foments. When Khyte is sent on a treasure hunt to The Goblin World, and his faithless collaborators entice him to rescue the dryad Princess Inglefras, it leads to betrayal, pursuit, a fall into giant hands, and a pledge to a deathless beloved.
Sword and Sorcery / Dark Fantasy / Sword and Planet / Science Fantasy
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