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A think tank for anyone to contribute ideas and approaches to climate change. How do we advance positive change?  

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Meanwhile in the arctic.. the polar bear in the new world.
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The Dreadful Enormity of Southern California's Wildfires
Space imagery reveals the scale of wildfires raging in SoCal. discovermagazine.com/galler...
Indigenous People are Deploying Drones to Preserve Land and Traditions
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Indigenous tribes from the Pacific Northwest to the Amazon Basin face a similar set of challenges: How to manage their lands, defend against corporate encroachment and document historic and religious sites for future generations. Often working with limited resources, many indigenous groups are turning to drones to protect and preserve their traditional lands.
Many Central and South American countries have laws that, on paper, limit what companies can do on indigenous lands. But enforcemen blogs.discovermagazine.com/...
Stay warm with winter projects from home!
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This week we are highlighting projects that help advance research on penguins, seals, the Antarctica and more.
The SciStarter Team
Maria Stenzel
This one involves a little travel to an unexpected biodiversity "hot" spot: Antarctica. This project connects you with teams of scientists to study communities of phytoplankton liv blogs.discovermagazine.com/...
The Ground Beneath Our Feet
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"Without proper care for it we can have no life."

(Image credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Across The World, If You Eat For Your Health, You'll Help The Planet
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Dozens of countries have government-recommended diets. That advice differs from country to country, but according to a new study, following it generally would help the environment.

(Image credit: David Messent/Getty Images)

A federal panel helped cities cope with climate change. Trump killed it.
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After President Trump announced that he intended to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, cities across the country stepped up to fill the void on climate change action by adopting ambitious

Wildfires In Southern California Force Thousands To Evacuate
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The blazes in Ventura County come just weeks after the deadliest wildfires in the state's history killed dozens in Northern California's wine country.

50+ Mayors Sign Pact To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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Mayors from across the country say a lack of leadership in Washington on climate change is prompting them to take action themselves.

(Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Trump Orders Largest National Monument Reduction In U.S. History
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In a speech in Utah on Monday, President Trump announced that his administration will shrink the Bears Ears National Monument by roughly 85 percent and the Grand Staircase by about half its size.

(Image credit: Howard Berkes/NPR)