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A think tank for anyone to contribute ideas and approaches to climate change. How do we advance positive change?  

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Earth Day 2018
Today, April 22, all over the world we celebrate our Mother Earth, our only Planet.
The planet is overheating and it seems not to stop.
We are causing this. We are our own Planet's tumor. And what do people usually do to battle tumors? They find a cure and change their behavior: they eat clean and healthy, do sport, follow the cure and fight for their own survival.
So does the Earth. She's fighting against us, with wathever she's got ( climate change, spread of insects, deseases, etc.).
But... read more
Michael Bloomberg Accuses Scott Pruitt Of Abandoning The Environment '100 Percent'

"To debunk science and walk away from it is ridiculous," the former mayor said.
This Year, Earth Day Is On Nov. 6

Those of us who care about the environment need to get to the polls.
Climate Change Lawsuits Are Moving Inland

Boulder and two Colorado counties are suing oil companies to pay for the damages of climate change.
At least one Sinclair station has been trying to cast doubt on climate science.

Suri Crowe worked as a senior reporter at a local TV news station owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group for three years. She allegedly got the boot in part because of her reporting on climate change, Buzzfeed News reports.

In October 2015, Crowe reported a segment on climate change for WSET-TV in Lynchburg, Virginia. She says she was ordered by management to include Donald Trump’...

Apocalypse How? What Novels Screw Up About Climate Change

We're obsessed with grim environmental tales, but most of them miss the point.
Andrew Cuomo Faces A Big Test On Climate Change. He’s Already Failed Twice.

As the New York governor scrambles to fend off a primary challenger, will he finally back state lawmakers trying to pass the nation’s most ambitious climate bill?
Competition Meets Collaboration: The City Nature Challenge
Picture3 1024x683
When you hear the word “nature,” you’re likely to think of your last camping trip to a state park, or of grandiose landscapes with forests, lakes, and snow-capped mountains. You may remember the last trip to the beach and the variety of birds you saw while sunbathing. There are likely many images that pop into your head when you hear the word but the image of a city is likely not one of them. The City Nature Challenge hopes to change that.
What is the City Nature Challenge and how did it star blogs.discovermagazine.com/...
Senate Confirms Climate Change Denier To Lead NASA

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) will take over control of the space agency after seven-month standoff.
Ocean's Vital Gulf Stream System Weakest In 1,600 Years, Scientists Find

This is really bad news: Climate change is partly to blame, research shows, and the slowdown is making the effects of climate change worse.