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Book of the Moment: Castelvecchio
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One of the highlights of a semester spent in Italy nearly 25 years ago was a visit to Carlo Scarpa's Castelvecchio in Verona, Italy. With that, I'm super-excited to learn about Richard Murphy's new book, Carlo Scarpa and Castelvecchio Revisited, put out by his own (I'm guessing) Breakfast Mission Publishing. archidose.blogspot.com/2018...
This Barn-Like Visitors Center Features Nine Movable Facade Parts
Modern wood building architecture with shutters 070318 1227 01 800x533
Big Cabin | Little Cabin By Renée del Gaudio Architecture
Modern cabin design architecture 150318 1247 01 800x649
BEFORE and AFTER – The Pirajá House Transformation By Estudio BRA
Renovated house 080318 1212 01 800x596
Nice Adaptive Reuse
Yesterday, a nice pool struck my fancy. Today it's this adaptive reuse project: a creamery in Buenos Aires. archidose.blogspot.com/2018...
Jamison Architects Have Designed A Contemporary Duplex With Concealed Garages And An Open Plan Interior
Modern duplex architecture 080318 106 01 800x600
A Pony Wall Was Used To Create A Small Home Office In This Apartment
Modern living room pony wall home office 140318 156 01 800x510
This Home Has A Mirrored Shed That Almost Blends Into Its Surroundings
Modern house design architecture mirrored shed 050318 1149 01 800x532
The Design Of This Small Apartment In Madrid Includes Many Creative Storage Solutions
Modern small apartment interior 090318 1243 01 800x537
A New Penthouse Suite Has Been Added To The Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa
Penthouse hotel suite modern wood 130318 122 01 800x536