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The official forum of the National Council of Women/US

To facilitate safe, women-positive discussions. Share anything from your opinions & ideas, latest news, links, photos, videos -- serious, funny or otherwise!

[Previously the "Stand with Women" group]

What You Need To Know Before You Invest In Houston TX Outdoor Lighting Services – Full Design And Planning Tips
Outdoor house lights
Beautiful lighting has the ability to make any home more attractive. Simple touches to the home like a lamp post at the very end of your driveway can add a touch of charm. To create a gorgeous layered look to the home, you will want to add lighting to multiple locations. bit.ly/2rHD4t5
How KidsForShe Came to Be
I am Magdalena Del Valle the fifteen year-old founder of KidsForShe. I have been working extremely hard in order to make this organization a reality for quite some time now.
It all started during a cold day in January, when I was told I would attend a HeForShe event. To me, HeForShe had been some far off fantasy whose existence I had ever fully processed, but when I realized that it was an organization full of people who believed in the same things I did, I wanted leave some sort of impressi... read more
Compromise, Finding the Middle Ground
Compromise in relationships
Compromise. It’s a word that is often used in conjunction with relationship. I didn’t really give much thought to how connected they were until this weekend though. As many of you know, I am new to this living together thing. I haven’t lived with someone I wasn’t the boss of since I lived with my parents! I never had roommates and I raised my kids on my own, so when it came to decorating, renovating, buying furniture or artwork it was fully up to me. I made all the decisions. It was my house, my... read more
He Disagrees With MY Feelings (The Disappearance Edition)
Img 4729
He Disagrees With MY Feelings (The Disappearance Edition)
Trump will set back women's/civil rights & equality
Didn t give vote men s premium t shirt
How can we expect to teach children about race/gender equality/anti-bullying movements if the antithesis of those ethics is president? Tell the world that you do not support Trump with these shirts! @spreadshirt www.spreadshirt.com/didn-t-...
Fight for equality everyday
in response to Feminism Quotes
Women are wonderful!
To all the little and big gals out there, stay strong and stand tall! We are in this together as a whole. We have a right to feel good in our bodies and a right to abortions and we will not let anyone take that from us! You go girls!
The President-Elect Speaks by Marge Piercy

“You can always go to another
state” to have your abortion
just so long as you’re rich,
have a nanny to watch your
kids, can take off from your
job, have a ride available
or your own car, aren’t
living at home or needing
to hide the procedure. Yes
affluent women could fly
to Puerto rico while the rest
of us were doing it to ourselves,
dying of back alley butchery,
bleeding to death, left sterile
from botched operations,
yes, we can always just die
Mr. Trump and many mo... read more
Humanity at it's best
Men and women, boys and girls should embrace the expression of their feelings.