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94 The Middletown Insider: "Trust Fund Ted" Kennedy Wants Your Body
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Connecticut liberals like "Trust Fund Ted" Kennedy are on an extremist crusade in Hartford.
86 Is Donald Trump the New Andrew Jackson?
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85 White House Press Secretary Angers Closest US Ally With ‘Ridiculous’ Wiretapping Accusation
76 Urban Decay
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94 Defund Planned Parenthood
Deplorable ryan
Paul Ryan looks like a nice guy on the surface but lately he’s been hiding behind a mask of hypocrisy to give the middle finger to the least fortunate of our great nation.
Since Trump’s assumed the Oval Office, Ryan has been on a high horse campaigning hard to cut off healthcare access to millions of Americans.
Read why Ryan's “better healthcare” alternative - wp.me/p1yu17-Rr - must rely on the gullibility and the ignorance of the GOP constituents to have any success.
92 Black Lives Matter Too
91 Trump Wants to Resume Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Despite ‘War Crime’ Allegations
80 We Need Attorneys Like Preet Bharara
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79 Crowd Sizes, Election Margins Aren't What We Remember About Presidents
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86 America's Racial Psyche and the Silver Screen
A look at current movies and America's attempts to cope with race. www.thewriteroomblog.com/th...