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Abolishing the Death Penalty
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I am a HUGE fan of @helenprejean and the work to abolish the #deathpenalty. #deadmanwalking is utterly inspiring.
The Middletown Insider: Trump - Week 27: America is back
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Have you seen the markets lately? Company after company is announcing record investments in America by the billions of dollars and thousands of American jobs. Foxconn––a world leader in manufacturing for computers, communications, and consumer electronics - announced this week plans to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for the production of LCD panel products in Wisconsin. This week’s announcement is just the latest . .... read more
Can Donald Trump Succeed As President?
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Can pigs fly?
On April 12, 2017, I published an article titled "Trump's collusion with Vladimir Putin is not a theory" - you can read the full article here () - to which most Trump's fanatics reacted by asking me to reveal the sources.
It is funny, ironic and hypocritical that not a single one cared that much about sources when Donald Trump was leading the Birther's campaign; besides, no ethical journalist would... read more
No cameras, no live audio and no Sean Spicer: The latest White House press briefing, annotated - The Washington Post
Single Payer
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It's time for #SinglePayer. #DumpTrump. #CongressSucks.
Paris Climate Agreement Withdrawal Puts America Last
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The story behind Montana
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What does the special congressional election in Montana say about America? www.scoop.it/t/upsetment/p/...
The Middletown Insider: Week 19: Remembering Those who Gave All
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The men and women of the U.S. military have been the greatest force for peace and justice in the history of the world. President Trump wants all of them to know that as Commander-in-Chief, they always have his complete and unshakable support.
The Middletown Insider: NumbersUSA - Pres. Trump tells The Economist that he doesn't want to cut legal immigration
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This week's issue of the The Economist focuses on Pres. Donald Trump's outlook on the global economy, including his thoughts on legal immigration to the United States where he said that he doesn't want to cut immigration. The interview sounded alarm bells for those seeking to reduce existing immigration levels.
Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable
Donald Trump impeachment is indeed inevitable
1.- he has thus far done everything possible to derail the investigation, to cover it up (obstruction of justice)
2.- He is a SERIAL liar, a guarantee he will lie under oath to the special counsel now in charge of the investigation
Whether his campaign associates colluded with Russia would become completely irrelevant; those two factors mentioned above are sufficient to impeach him. Coincidentally, that was all it took to impeach Bill Clinton in... read more