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93 Pension Forfeiture Needed To Clean Up Crooked Politicians
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89 Dialog of Two Pussy Grabbers
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Mr. Trump's administration begins to take shape like a real Washington style where a lot of activities are translated and
explained as progress.
Amidst such a busy schedule dealing with both domestic and international turmoil, the “I will fix everything” Republican hero and role model Donald Trump managed to set time aside to offer some much needed advice to bro Bill O’Reilly, currently navigating the “sexual harassment” landmine.
Fortunately, we were not too far away and were able to eaves... read more
86 The Middletown Insider: This Week's "American Political Zone"
One of the best political discussion programs you can find, our hosts possess a vast knowledge of current affairs and they share this with us in a lively and interesting fashion.
Featuring Daria Novak, 2nd District Congressional Candidate and President of the Institute for American Politics, and Frank Vernuccio, New York Analysis Policyand Government, The American Political Zone is now a regular feature in the Middletown Insider... read more
85 The Middletown Insider: Week 11: Buy American, Hire American
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Preventing And Deterring The Future Use of Chemical Weapons
On Tuesday, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad launched an unprecedented and horrendous chemical weapons attack on civilians, including children and babies. No child of God should ever suffer such horror. In response, President Trump ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria where the chemical attack was launched
84 The Middletown Insider: Oath Keepers - Has President Trump Been Blackmailed by the NEOCONs?
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I've never been a big believer in strategic coincidence. The announcement that Steve Bannon was being removed from the National Security Council concerned me. Mr. Bannon has been a voice against foreign interventionism so loved by the CIA and the NEOCONs. The timing was suspicious
82 The Middletown Insider: Stratfor - Shifting U.S.-Mexico relations, Islamic State resistance, blockade in Ukraine
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For Mexico, the U.S. Immigration Stance Overshadows All
How the United States enforces its immigration policy could poison future cooperation on trade and security.
94 The Middletown Insider: "Trust Fund Ted" Kennedy Wants Your Body
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Connecticut liberals like "Trust Fund Ted" Kennedy are on an extremist crusade in Hartford.
85 Is Donald Trump the New Andrew Jackson?
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85 White House Press Secretary Angers Closest US Ally With ‘Ridiculous’ Wiretapping Accusation
76 Urban Decay
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