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AutismTakeOn (1986)

A group for all things autism. Share your story, experiences, insights, questions, inspiration and suggestions to help each others. We are just starting to build out this group and hope it can turn into the safest online place for these honest conversations. I chose this online forum because it eliminates internet bullies and social biases, invite anyone who may be interested! You can contact me at @AutismTakeOn 

89 Top 10 Things My Child with Autism Needs in His Life
Top needs autism child
I am asked time and time again what items we use for our son with autism to make his life and our lives easier. So, here is a breakdown of the things that he (or we) couldn’t live without.Disclaimer: These are the things that work for my son, Liam. I am not claiming these things will work for everyone, merely sharing in an effort to help other children.
1. Crash Pad
First and foremost, the Crash Pad has been the BEST item we have ever bought for our son.
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88 He Will Be Ready When the Time Is Right for Him
Independence with asd 808x323
It’s 7:30 am and we are waiting in the car for our carpool friends to meet us. My happy boy is in the back giggling about something—I will never know what. An idea has been brewing in my mind for a bit, and I decide today is the day to try it. I tell my boy that he is big now (four inches taller than me at 15), and he needs to start getting out of the car by himself, just like his carpool friend does. I tell him step by step. “You need to take off your seatbelt (he mastered this just recently),... read more
99 Mother Of Three Autistic Sons Publishes Children's Book
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One mother wants to share her experience of raising 3 sons with autism in a newly published book. globalnews.ca/video/3373145...
98 Autism Awareness Month: Awareness is Not Enough
Autism infinity symbol janeb13
Awareness of autism is not the same as being aware of what it is like to be autistic and how it affects every autistic person differently, even to the point of not being able to get a clinical diagnosis. Awareness is only the start. thegreatestadventuresite.wo...
96 Talking About Autism: Identity and Community
Community geralt e1492274345459
Recently I have become very aware of autism as an identity rather than a disorder. I have become aware that my son belongs to a wider community of autistic people, a whole group of people who share a way of being, who perceive the world as he does. After ten years of helping him fit into the allistic (non-autistic) world, I feel it is time to start helping him to explore and embrace his autistic identity... read more
89 Faith, Companionship and Vulnerability: Standing With Families Who Have A Child With A Disability
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Mother and disability advocate, Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer, gets real about the experience of parenting and shares ideas about how to better support families raising kids with autism and other disabilities:
98 9 Important Things Autism Moms Want People to Know
Autism moms challenges
Raising a child with autism has its share of challenges and joys, and it’s not always easy to express them. Oftentimes, we hold our tongue, knowing that most people have the best of intentions even if they misunderstand our world.While sometimes it’s best to leave things unsaid, here is a list of the nine things that many autism moms would like to share
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91 Prayer for Autism
91 Autism Times Two: Double the Love – Twice the Fun
Autism mom of two boys
When people learn I have two children with autism, one of two things happen. Either the person gets a blank look on their face and has no idea what to say, or the look is one of pity and the apologies start. I understand that people don’t know what to say, but the apologies are hard to take. Why in the world would you apologize to someone because of his/her children?
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88 New Hope After Brave Family Tries Stem Cell Treatment For Daughter's Autism - Women.com
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