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AutismTakeOn (1965)

A group for all things autism. Share your story, experiences, insights, questions, inspiration and suggestions to help each others. We are just starting to build out this group and hope it can turn into the safest online place for these honest conversations. I chose this online forum because it eliminates internet bullies and social biases, invite anyone who may be interested! You can contact me at @AutismTakeOn 

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97 The Awesome Rewards of Teaching James
Reward teaching james
This is what I know: I love teaching James.It was about six years ago that I was asked to teach James*. He was 25 at the time. I’d never known, much less taught, anyone with autism before, but his mother was so sweet and so excited by the idea, I thought I’d give it a try.
On our first day, I spread a huge sheet of butcher paper over the studio table. I figured James would probably like to move some pastels across the long, wide page.
Finish reading the 89% here: www.autismparentin read more
95 Free Alternative program: Presence and Joy Booster program...
Now in San Diego north county: Connection & Presence Therapy Free Booster program, (non medical)
Autism Connection Therapy, also known as Presence Therapy in San Diego ( side note: now offering horse riding therapy)
It is a little known parents/child team program that has been successful in California and Florida but as an alternative therapy, quickly comes under attack by mainstream interests. Because it is a parent participating non-med therapeutic program, it has not become controversia read more
95 Sesame Street Introduces Female Autistic Character
Sesame Street have introduced Julia, an autistic girl muppet. I think this is a welcome and positive move as it will educated very young children on how autistic children behave. It will also educate their parents and I'm sure many parents of autistic children have faced the uneducated judgement of other parents when their little ones appear "naughty" through their behaviour. Well done, Sesame Street! My post contains my view and a link to the BBC news article.
thegreatestadventuresit read more
85 New biomarker method may accurately identify autism in children | PLOS Research News
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84 Farts Are Funny
Cloud openclipart vectors li
My son has reached the age where farts are funny. It's such a common childhood experience and so normal. Do you have the same reaction to "normal" things that your child enjoys? Are your reasons the same as mine?
78 8 Important IEP Decrees the School Owes You Now!
Important iep decrees
While there are many available ‘tips’ for parents to read up on before going to their child’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP meeting), the focus of this article will be what the school is obligated to provide you, the parent, prior to, during, and following the IEP meeting. Keep these important points in mind to ensure your child receives the quality education he/she deserves.1. The IEP should be a collaborative process
Your child’s IEP must be uniquely designed to meet his/her needs an read more
76 The Hidden Link Between Autism and Addiction - The Atlantic
91 Talking About Autism: Routines and Resistance to Change
Clocks alexas fotos
My son is moving up to high school. Change is always a challenge. In my latest post I discuss why that might be and how we deal with impending changes to routine. thegreatestadventuresite.wo...
85 Autism Apps for Children
If you have some experience or even just a vague knowledge of some apps useful for autism, particularly for education, I would be very happy if you could post some ideas.
The name of the app and a short description/review is enough.
(I will be using the information you provide to inform teachers and parents during the Autism Awareness Week at Bristol University, UK in 2017)
80 How to Use Peripheral Vision to Engage Your Child with Autism
Using peripheral vision
It’s a PARTY.You hold an ice cream cone in front of a child’s face, and it creates a party in the brain. The child’s brain activity goes wild and sees nothing to the left or right, only seeing what’s in front of him/her. What some may not know is with a child with autism, the brain throws a party when the child sees things out of his/her peripheral vision. If you hold an ice cream cone in the peripheral vision of a child with autism, the child’s brain activity will go haywire compared to if you read more