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AutismTakeOn (2028)

A group for all things autism. Share your story, experiences, insights, questions, inspiration and suggestions to help each others. We are just starting to build out this group and hope it can turn into the safest online place for these honest conversations. I chose this online forum because it eliminates internet bullies and social biases, invite anyone who may be interested! You can contact me at @AutismTakeOn 

For those with autism, eye contact isn't just weird, it's distressing - ScienceAlert
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The 3 Simple Words To Say When Someone Asks You, ‘What Is Autism?’

It’s very much like a rainbow.
10 Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles For People with Special Needs
Jigsaw puzzle benefits
I am the mother of a beautiful daughter who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and by sheer coincidence, I own a puzzle company. I clearly remember the light bulb moment when I was working on my hobby, which is jigsaw puzzles, and my daughter came over to the table where I was assembling the pieces and looked at a piece, picked it up, and tried to place it into another piece.
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A Private Look at Autism and Motherhood
Autism mom unconditional love
Sometimes life is too much. I feel this way. Of course, she feels this way too. How am I supposed to instill in my girl a capacity for dignity and self-respect, while I also acknowledge her requisite burden of crippling unease? I must be her example. I’m duty-bound to set a precedent.
Not always sure of my questions, I’ve inquired all over the map.
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Help to stop your child with autism having meltdowns!
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Simple Ways to Make Social Skill Connections Using Games
Social interaction using games
When you first hear that a computer game or a video game is trying to teach someone about the social or emotional world, you can’t be blamed if your first thought is, “Are you kidding?” If you want to learn how to shoot a lot of monsters or jump over an onslaught of obstacles, sure, go out and buy a video game. Instead, your preferred “technology” for learning about yourself and other people might be a good novel or a great movie. It’s easy to forget that books and movies are both forms of techn... read more
Treating autism by targeting the gut
Simple Ways Video Self-Modeling Can Help Your ASD Child
Video self modeling helps autism
Are you concerned that your child’s challenging behaviors are unchangeable?
Are you worried there’s no way to teach your pre-verbal child?
Do you have sleepless nights wondering if your child will ever socialize with peers?
This may surprise you, but there’s a technique called video self-modeling that works through all of the challenges listed above and more.
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My talk at a conference...
I was told I should post this on here so here goes...
My name is Lottie and I am 17 years old. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome aged 6. I got the fantastic opportunity to go and talk about my experience with Autism in front of 35 school liaison officers after the original speaker dropped out. It really was a fantastic experience, and it has showed me that I really want to talk for people someday. I have a blog that I continue to post on where I am very open about challenges and breakt... read more
A Tribute to Autism Dads – Perfectly Peter
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