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Sci-fi Romance
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For those who read, write, publish, and love science fiction romance. Let's go beyond the promotional blitz to what moves us to read and write this genre of romance fiction.  Our community helps filter through each submission before it reaches our group’s feed, ensuring focus on only relevant and high quality posts. As the group founder, I hope to avoid the regular round of book promos. Blurbs, cover reveals, new releases of individual titles, excerpts will over run this group if we pass them through. Author interviews, posts that get into the nitty gritty of how an author went about world building are much more interesting and more likely to snare regular sci-fi readers or romance readers into trying sci-fi romance. Thanks. And I love all the involvement right from the start! 

My Five Fave Film
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Since Laurie posted her five films to inspire writers last week, I thought I'd share five of mine and the inspirational quotes or themes they gave me. They also tend to be my go-to comfort watches, films I go back to again and again when I just want to cuddle up under a blanket and forget about the real world (this isn't all of them, just my cosiest).

Galaxy Quest: "Never give up, never surrender!" Also our motto here at Spacefeighters Lounge. This is a rather blatant... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
New Releases in
Love audiobooks canva

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).


Jackie Hooper is all out of time. An incurable illness at her side, she’s trying to make the best of the opportunities she has left. Getting abducted ...

Scandal (Scions of the Star Empire
Scandal crop
About Scandal  They can have anything they want…except a future. Nothing infuriates Princess Ione Ra more than having someone else take …

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SFRB Recommends 73: Atrophy by Jess Anastasi
Twelve years on the prison planet Erebus makes a man long for death. The worst part for Tannin Everette is that he was framed for murder. He's innocent. When the ship Imojenna lands for emergency repairs, Ta... sfrcontests.blogspot.com/20...
Slipspace: Harbinger by P.C. Haring – Feature With Excerpt
Slipspace harbinger cover
About Slipspace: Harbinger A fringe colony world has gone dark, and Captain Cody Amado and the crew of the ISPA’s newest …

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Don't forget to back up
Dryden5 1

The importance of backing up your files cannot be over emphasized. You've all heard it - and I'll bet you've all suffered the consequences of not doing so. These days, it's a ... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
5 Movies Writers Can Watch When Discouraged
It's tough being a writer these days. Although the gates were thrown wide open with the onset of independent publishing--thereby removing the "gatekeepers" and allowing thousands of writers to achieve their dream of becoming published authors, it also came with a downside.It allowed thousands more writers to become published authors.The advantage became the disadvantage. A two-edged sword indeed. Now that the marketplace is flooded with millions of books by independent authors... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...

It may be a little early to note it here, but a celestial event of major importance is coming up August 21. It may take some planning to take full advantage. Yes, folks, a total solar eclipse...
Ready Player One read by Wesley Crusher
Since I moved outside Seattle and have children who live half the time in the city, I do a fair amount of driving. I initially opened an Audible account because the girls got it into their heads they wanted to learn French, and it seemed... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...
Not All Babies Are Beautiful To The Eye
This week I've been spending a lot of time on a special project out in my garden (more details later) instead of doing important stuff like editing or, in my husband's opinion, putting the laundry away (I'm a terrible housewife!). And during the week, a local pigeon kept spooking my chooks in the garden by repeatedly crashing into a nearby tree. It was particularly annoying because it was the same tree over and over again. This particular pigeon didn't seem to get the idea that this tree was ... spacefreighters.blogspot.co...