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Everything and anything that has to do with space is welcome here! Let's build an incredible community together so we can share the top space stories going on around the world. If you're like me and love space, then help me make this an amazing group!  

90 Far-Out Films: NASA Footage to Star in Space Movie Competition
Calling all filmmakers! NASA wants you to make a movie using the agency's own images and footage of space. Submissions are now open for the third annual CineSpace Short Film Competition. www.space.com/36576-nasa-fo...
89 The 'Genius' of Albert Einstein on Nat Geo Channel (Photos)
See photos from National Geographic's "Genius," a gripping new drama series about Albert Einstein that highlights some of the most intriguing and intimate details of the acclaimed physicist's personal life. www.space.com/36597-genius-...
88 Trump's Exuberance for Mars Faces Technical and Fiscal Challenges
In a conversation with NASA astronauts on the International Space Station April 24, President Donald Trump called for a human mission to Mars by the end of his second term in 2024, a timeframe most in the industry do not consider feasible. www.space.com/36593-preside...
84 Mysteries of Crown-like Structures on Venus' Surface Unveiled in New Study
On Venus, plumes of superheated rock from near the planet's core may rise up intermittently, destroy patches of the planet's surface and create unique crown-shaped geologic features called coronae, a new study finds. www.space.com/36575-venus-u...
98 Space Station Crew Running Low on Chocolate Ahead of Easter
This Sunday (April 16) is Easter, but NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson reports that the crew is low on chocolate, which is considered by many to be a staple of the holiday. www.space.com/36484-space-s...
98 Sun's UV Light Helped Spark Life
High energy, ultraviolet radiation from the sun is a known to hazard to life, yet the energy provided by our star has played an important role as the essential driver of life on Earth. www.space.com/36401-suns-uv...
97 China Launches Its First Space Cargo Ship Into Orbit
China's bid to establish a permanently crewed space station got a boost today (April 20) with the launch of the country's first cargo supply spacecraft – the Tianzhou-1.
97 Auroras on Uranus Captured Again by Hubble | Video
Sp 170410 hubble uranus
The Hubble Space Telescope captured the first clear images of the auroras in 2011. In 2012 and 2014, the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) aboard Hubble captured the phenomena again.
96 NASA Astronaut, Two Others Make it Back to Earth From ISS
Iss change of command
After 173-day stay on the space station, three Expedition 50 crew members return to Earth. The trio are set to leave on board Soyuz MS-02 on April 10.
Read more: www.theevolvingplanet.com/n...
96 The Sun's Got Waves — Like Earth's Atmosphere
Earth and the sun are very different, but their atmospheres share something in common: A type of wave that undulates through Earth's skies may have an analogue in the body of the sun. www.space.com/36324-earthli...