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The Middletown Insider: Judicial Watch - Corruption Chronicles
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In Freeing Illegal Alien Gang Member Obama Judge Says U.S. Violated Rights of Due Process, Family Unity
An Obama-appointed federal judge in Virginia ordered an illegal immigrant member of a violent street gang released from prison because immigration authorities supposedly violated his rights when he entered the U.S. illegally through Mexico.
The Middletown Insider: Democrats' #resist movement has encouraged violence
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"What happened today to Rep Steve Scalise and others is an absolute tragedy, but we must examine why it has happened.
The Middletown Insider: NumbersUSA Weekly Newsletter- This Issue: It's time for a House vote on the Davis-Oliver Act -- Take Action TODAY!
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On the campaign trail, President Trump listed the Davis-Oliver Act as one of his top priorities in his effort to end illegal immigration.
The House Judiciary Committee recently marked up the Davis-Oliver Act and reported it out of Committee for a possible floor vote. This common-sense legislation (H.R. 2431) would
The Middletown Insider: CCDL Files Brief Opposing Lawsuit
CCDL Files Brief Opposing Lawsuit
Connecticut Citizens Defense League Files Brief Opposing Lawsuit that Seeks to Make Gun Manufacturers Liable for "Gun Crimes" Because Firearms are “too Dangerous” for Law-abiding Citizens
The Middletown Insider: All That Jazz! Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz, July 14 - 16
Ghfj poster final 2017
Jazz! An original American art form developed from the improvisational fusion of blues, ragtime, spiritual and brass band music in the late 1800's. It was first recorded in 1917 on primitive equipment that failed to capture the true character of the music.
Today, we can enjoy the many facets of the genre in high fidelity almost anywhere in the world, at any time. Nothing, however, can substitute for the the experience of hearing and seeing jazz performed live in concert... read more
The Middletown Insider: Oath Keepers - Self-Serving Politicians' Priorities after Scalise Shooting Deserve Strong Gun Owner Response
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How is voting in special benefits for themselves first, while the rest of us are left in legislative limbo, consistent with securing "the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity"?
The Middletown Insider: The Old Farmer's Almanac - Say Adios to Aphids!
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As a gardener you have the power to fight back using organic, nature-friendly techniques to banish aphids from your garden.
In this short video we share five simple but highly effective ways to bring this bothersome bug under control.
The Middletown Insider: The Old Farmer's Almanac - The Big Bug Hunt!
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Welcome to the Big Bug Hunt 2017 international research project newsletter!
It’s impossible to avoid all garden pests. They’re part and parcel of growing your own food. A little tolerance goes a long way – gardening, after all, is all about balance.
The Middletown Insider: CT Republicans - In Case You Missed It
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Sen. Blumenthal is leading congressional Democrats in a lawsuit against President Donald Trump charging that the president has violated a centuries-old anti-bribery provision of the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign nations through his vast business empire.
The Middletown Insider: Judicial Watch - Exposing the Obama Library Cover-Up
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On May 23, the National Security Council (NSC) sent Judicial Watch a letter telling us that it would not provide us material we had requested related to former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s outrageous unmasking of Trump associates.