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The Middletown Insider: The Old Farmer's Almanac - Perseids tonight! lefty day, fall gardens
Perseid meteor shower
The Perseid meteor shower is one of the greatest meteor shower events of the year. Read on to learn more about this year’s Perseids!
The Middletown Insider: The Old Farmer's Almanac - Tomato Woes
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Along with the luscious fruits that we wait months for come the many tomato disorders and diseases that the flesh is heir to—tomato flesh that is.
The Middletown Insider: Trump - Week 30: Rebuilding America
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President Trump held a workforce and apprenticeship discussion in New Jersey. Under this President, we began a historic initiative to expand apprenticeship and workforce training programs in all industries. But that was just the start . . .
The Middletown Insider: Today Was a Good Day
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Today was a good day. The treasures acquired at auction yesterday, made it into storage, where I carefully selected some special gifts for my aunts, Mom's two surviving sisters. They will be shipped, tomorrow.
Afterwards, I went to the cemetery to have a beer with my parents and tend to the family's flowers.
The Middletown Insider: The Old Farmer's Almanac - The Big Bug Hunt 2017: Create a Buzz!
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Welcome to the Big Bug Hunt 2017 international research project newsletter!
You can never tire of watching bees go about their buzz-ness! Full of character, always hard working, and with a soothing buzz that’s the epitome of summer, bees bring untold joy to our world.
The Middletown Insider: The Old Farmers Almanac - How to Tell When Your Fruits and Vegetables are Ready to Harvest
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How to Tell When Your Fruits and Vegetables are Ready to Harvest
There’s nothing quite as rewarding as harvesting your own homegrown fruits and vegetables. But how can you tell when they’re perfectly ripe?
The Middletown Insider: Roots in Ripon - The Scourge of the Century
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Four decades ago the world was introduced to a medical terror the likes of which few other global alarms can even be compared. The scourge I’m writing about is HIV/Aids.
The Middletown Insider: Trump - Week 29: Tough and Decisive
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Due to new policies adopted by the Trump administration, nearly a third of territory reclaimed from ISIS in Iraq and Syria since 2014 has been won in the past six months. When President Trump came into office he made the decision to delegate tactical decision-making authority to the commanders in the field, and that has made a key difference.
The Middletown Insider: NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS VOLUME 24, NUMBER 31 - Second Amendment Guarantee Act
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This week, Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) introduced legislation that would shield popular rifles and shotguns, including the AR-15, from being banned under state laws. The bill, known as the Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA), would also protect parts for these firearms, including detachable magazines and ammunition feeding devices.
The Middletown Insider: The Justice System, and It's Players
I am not here to pass judgment upon anyone, and I do mean anyone. From the guy picked up for a robbery, to the lady that got a ticket from taking a left turn into a space on Main Street. (Yup, it’s illegal, and the fine is quite hefty…)