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101 The Middletown Insider: Roots in Ripon - Echoes of Boot Camp - Conclusion
This will be my final article for this series on my experiences in Marine Corps boot camp, nearly fifty years ago.
With the presidential election only a few weeks away, I will have a few things I want to share on that four-year event in the next several articles.
Since I began these boot camp stories, I've had a number of fellow Marines, both those I have served with and some I've come to know in later years, tell me that I make boot camp sound like fun. That certainly was not my intent, read more
101 The Middletown Insider: Dedication of the Vietnam Era Veterans Memorial - Sep 27
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The City of Middletown and the Council of Veterans of Middletown will dedicate a memorial to Vietnam Era Veterans in City Hall on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, at 6:00 pm, at City Hall, DeKoven Drive, Middletown, Connecticut.
101 The Middletown Insider: George Washington Leadership Foundation Adds Two Important Leaders
Alexandria, Virginia - September, 13, 2016- The George Washington Leadership Foundation (GWLF), a Political Action Committee dedicated to recruiting, training and electing Republican veterans to state and federal government office, is proud to announce the addition of two prominent political and military experts to our advisory board.
101 The Middletown Insider: Purple Heart Homes Bow Tie Challenge! Vote Now!
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We Need Your Vote!
Purple Heart Homes is part of the Bow Tie Challenge!
The top 3 ties with the most votes will be worn during the World Series by Ken Rosenthal, on the FOX MLB broadcast.
101 The Middletown Insider: Roots in Ripon - Echoes of Boot Camp – Rifle Range (Part 5)
The rifle range is the pièce de résistance for every Marine recruit. This two-week training evolution, which occurs somewhere about half-way through your boot camp experience, is critical. Why is it critical, you ask? Because Marines are known for their rifle marksmanship. To fall short at this point leaves a bad taste in the mouth of those who fail to make the grade.
Every Marine memorizes The Rifleman’s Creed which was first implemented in World War II by Major General William H. Rupertus. read more
101 The Middletown Insider: Roots in Ripon - Echoes of Boot Camp, Part One
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Even though it has been nearly fifty years since I joined the United States Marine Corps, the memories, shared experiences with my fellow recruits, and the era in which we joined are a permanent part of me. It was October of 1969 and I was off to MCRD San Diego. For the uninitiated, MCRD is the acronym for Marine Corps Recruit Depot, better known simply as Boot Camp. Parris Island, the East Coast boot camp, is perhaps better known to the public.
On the lighter side of recruit training, I th read more
101 The Middletown Insider: Roots in Ripon - Echoes of Boot Camp (Part 2)
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The first night in Marine Corps boot camp had its memorable moments. Right after marching (more like shuffling since we weren’t trained in the fine art of precision marching as yet) we found ourselves formed up on a paved area alongside the Parade Deck, a.k.a., the Drill Field. This extensive bit of paved real estate was where we would spend countless hours learning how to march.
There we stood, bleary-eyed, at 12:30am, desperately wanting to go to sleep, hoping beyond hope that we would awak read more
101 The Middletown Insider: Roots in Ripon - Echoes of Boot Camp – Let’s Eat (Part Three)
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Dear Reader, I should have seen this coming . . .
Several of you were a bit put off by the incidents I shared where physical force was used against Marine recruits during boot camp. Well, yes, these episodes did occur, and probably still do. There are sound, well-proven reasons for recruits being subjected to physical abuses during their training regimen. The primary reason is Marines are “the pointy end of the spear.” This means when the call to arms is given, the Marines are ready to go
h read more
101 The Middletown Insider: Roots in Ripon - Echoes of Boot Camp – Sick Call (Part 4)
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So the drill instructor was standing in the doorway (hatch) of the supply tent, hands on hips with elbows akimbo, giving Larry and me a look that said, “You two are toast.” We both sat there very much wide awake at this point wondering when our execution was going to take place. Wide-eyed, we knew he had us dead to rights.
The silence in the tent was overwhelming. At this point I figured it didn’t really matter what either of us did, so, looking directly at the drill instructor, I cracked a s read more
101 The Middletown Insider: Carter: Disturbing reports coming out of the VA
BETHEL, CT - Today the campaign for Dan Carter, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, demanded accountability and action for reports coming out of the Department of Veterans Affairs that at least one third of calls made by veterans to the VA suicide prevention hotline go unanswered.