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Peruvian Chicken Recipe
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This Peruvian Chicken with a traditional Peruvian green sauce is destined to become one of your favorite chicken recipes ever!
11 Baking Charts That Will Make You An Expert In The Kitchen
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11 Baking Charts That Will Make You An Expert In The Kitchen
Avocado Bacon and eggs
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Avocado Bacon and eggs – one of our favorite breakfast recipes. They're topped with cheese and so delicious!
Sugar Cream Pie
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Sugar Cream Pie – An EASY, no mixer cream pie that's guaranteed to set up!! Sweet, rich, creamy, and tastes a lot like the infamous CRACK…

20 stunning vegan cauliflower recipes
These 20 stunning vegan cauliflower recipes will definitely change the way you look at cauliflower! You can make so many creative recipes with it! All of these recipes are super healthy and so incredibly delicious! BIG yum!! Vegan food can be so AMAZING!
Dogecoin Started as a Joke
- December 03, 2017
Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that started as a joke coin, but it quickly gained a fervent following and real credibility. Dogecoin uses a Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm, but it uses Scrypt (using the source from Luckycoin, which was based on Litecoin) instead of SHA-256 (the basis for Bitcoin). As there is no real limit of coins there are nearly 100 billion Dogecoin on the market. Production will slow down once the 100 billion mark is reached.
Dogecoin was intende... read more
Shock Rise Of The Bitcoin - $16,750
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A shocking rise in the cost of the digital currency bitcoin, Forexlive reports.
Today the value of a bitcoin reached a historic peak of $16,750.
In a matter of minutes, a bitcoin has risen to $500.
Subsequently, his price fell below $16,000.
Forexlive notes that it is difficult to trace its exact value, as it has a different price on the different crypto exchange stock markets.
Earlier in the day, we reported that the crypto-point scored a new historical peak, reaching more than $... read more
Garlic Brown Butter Spaghetti Squash
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Garlic Brown Butter Spaghetti Squash is quick and healthy side dish that is super cheesy and tossed in nutty garlicky browned butter! One bite and you won't believe how light it really is!
Minted Orzo Salad Recipe with Chickpeas and Feta Cheese
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Minted Orzo Salad Recipe with Chickpeas and Feta Cheese – this deliciously easy vegetarian side dish is my most requested! It's loaded with fresh flavor from herbs and a bright lemon vinaigrette and it tastes amazing hot or cold so feel free to make ahead of time!
9 Overnight Oat Recipes
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9 Overnight Oat Recipes That’ll Make You Want to Get Out of Bed – These easy and healthy recipes will make breakfast easy so you can get out the door fast.