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Leigh Brackett’s Tales of Planetary Romance: Eric John Stark: Outlaw of Mars
Outlaw mars1
As the 20th Century unfolded, and explorers made their way to the furthest reaches of the Earth, it became increasingly clear that there were no lost civilizations or mysterious beasts lurking just around the corner. As a result, adventure stories that might have been set on the Earth in the past moved to the other planets of the Solar System, and the planetary romance genre was born. These tales were short on science, but long on adventure, battles, horror, and passion. One of the greatest prac... read more
Seminal sci-fi magazine 'Galaxy' is now free online
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The archive contains issues from 1950 - 1976 and includes early stories from heavy-hitting authors.
Is Magic the Cause of Westeros’ Problems?
Got dany drogon
There comes a moment in the fifth season of Game of Thrones (and I believe the third book of A Song of Ice and Fire) when Lord Varys, of all people, possibly reveals what the entire series is all about.
The (Non-Spoilery!) Moment in Spider-Man: Homecoming That Made Me Cry
During the end credits, a cartoon version of Spider-Man runs around New York doing cute New York-y things. He goes to MoMA, and sees a Lichtenstein, which then morphs into a Lichtensteined Spider-Man.
The Cover Art Briefing Process: Designing the Look of Banished
It’s so exciting as an author when you are asked to contribute to the cover art briefing process for your book. So much rides on the cover and of course I wanted to give all the help I could for Banished, my debut novel. Also, I was really impressed at how early these discussions took place—we were talking about cover art almost before we spoke about edits and I felt flattered that Bella wanted to include me in the process... read more
Unity of Purpose: The Oathbringer Beta Story
Oathbringer crop
A long time ago (a little over three years), my first article for this website was about beta reading Words of Radiance. There’s a fair amount of water under the bridge since then, and I’ve done more beta reads, all of which functioned more or less like that one. Then came Oathbringer. I’m here today, in collaboration with a few of the beta readers, to talk about what this one was like.
The Wheel of Time TV Series Moving Forward at Sony Pictures Television with Showrunner Rafe Judkins
Eye of the world crop
Variety reports that Sony Pictures Television will produce the TV adaptation of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series.
8 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books Sexier Than Fifty Shades
Sex criminals cover
Corsets, Courtship, and Creepy Creatures in Alison Goodman’s Lady Helen Trilogy
Darkdays hardcover crop
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Heroines: Why They’re Amazing, and Why We Need Them
Daughters 2