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101 Romantic Novelists' Association Blog: RoNA Awards 2017: Paranormal or Speculative Romanc...
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This year’s shortlisted novels include space adventures, timeslip, and a ghost story, and include two independently published novels.
101 Meet the Author Monday: S.B.K. Burns
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Please tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m a retired scientific generalist and an applied mathematician with multiple advanced degrees and journal-published research that’s been downloaded around the world. My research might be interesting to Sci-fi writers since it provides an analog for the number of planets of various sizes that might be expected to form in accretion disks orbiting distant stars (Trappist 1, for example, with its 7 Earth-sized planets).
At the moment I’m publishing my sec read more
101 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - When Trailers Disappoint
Last week the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer premiered on Jimmy Krimmel Live. I didn't see it there being as I'm not in the US, but I caught it first thing Friday on my social media and watched it immediately. And...I was disappointed. Why?
101 Danger in the Stars Cover Reveal
I did the cover reveal this week for my upcoming scifi romance novel Danger in the Stars! My friend author Pauline B. Jones was kind enough to host it for me, and I included a short discussion of why I wrote this book as well as the first ever excerpt from the book.
You can read the interview with details on Why I Wrote This Book and the excerpt on Pauline’s blog.
Here’s the book’s blurb:
101 Anatomy of a Story: From the Nascar Racetrack to the DustDrome by Shari Elder
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If you were here yesterday, you may already understand why I had to reach out to author Shari Elder. I loved her book Race to Redemption, so I invited her to be a guest here. I am very pleased to welcome Shari to Whiskey With My Book today! Please enjoy her guest post that is followed by an excerpt from Race to Redemption.
101 5th Annual SFR Galaxy Awards: Round Six by Marlene Harris
96 Romance and Science Fiction: A Match Made in the Heavens
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My favorite science fiction movies affect my brain, while my favorite romance movies, obviously, affect my heart. So it’s logical and sweet that for a well-rounded experience, my favorite mix of genres is romantic science fiction. Not to be confused with “scientific romance,” which was the old term for science fiction, romantic sci-fi is of course any type of sci-fi with a very prominent love story. Its umbrella includes all varieties of the genre, from time-travel stories to space operas to dys read more
92 New Releases in SciFi and Fantasy Romance for Wednesday March 1
19 New Releases in SciFi and Fantasy Romance for Wednesday March 1veronicascott.wordpress.com...
87 20 Books That Offer a Perfect Blend of Sci-Fi and Romance
Science fiction is a terrific genre for exploring concepts and ideas that may change our lives. Romance is a terrific genre for exploring our inner, emotional selves and our quest for community. SF is great at “what if” and romance is great at creating memorable characters we fall in love with.
Of course, these are generalizations with individual exceptions, but the point is that a meld of these genres should be ideal, because where each one can be weak, the other is strong.
www.barne read more
85 Michael Dirda on the evolution of science fiction
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In the mid-1920s Hugo Gernsback, editor of Amazing Stories, coined the term “scientifiction,” an ugly mouthful that soon morphed into “science fiction.” Before then, speculative novels and stories were loosely referred to as fantasies, romances, future war fiction, adventures in the style of Jules Verne or, as H.G. Wells titled an 1899 collection, “tales of space and time.” Still, the phrase most often used to describe early sf — the preferred abbreviation for this beloved literary genre — is “s read more