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Talking About Autism: Identity and Community
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Recently I have become very aware of autism as an identity rather than a disorder. I have become aware that my son belongs to a wider community of autistic people, a whole group of people who share a way of being, who perceive the world as he does. After ten years of helping him fit into the allistic (non-autistic) world, I feel it is time to start helping him to explore and embrace his autistic identity... read more
Autism Awareness Month: Awareness is Not Enough
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Awareness of autism is not the same as being aware of what it is like to be autistic and how it affects every autistic person differently, even to the point of not being able to get a clinical diagnosis. Awareness is only the start. thegreatestadventuresite.wo...
Sesame Street Introduces Female Autistic Character
Sesame Street have introduced Julia, an autistic girl muppet. I think this is a welcome and positive move as it will educated very young children on how autistic children behave. It will also educate their parents and I'm sure many parents of autistic children have faced the uneducated judgement of other parents when their little ones appear "naughty" through their behaviour. Well done, Sesame Street! My post contains my view and a link to the BBC news article... read more
Farts Are Funny
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My son has reached the age where farts are funny. It's such a common childhood experience and so normal. Do you have the same reaction to "normal" things that your child enjoys? Are your reasons the same as mine?
Talking About Autism: Routines and Resistance to Change
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My son is moving up to high school. Change is always a challenge. In my latest post I discuss why that might be and how we deal with impending changes to routine. thegreatestadventuresite.wo...
Talking About Autism: Labels and The Right to Privacy
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In my latest blog post I discuss the issues of how to refer to a person with autism and whether I have the right to publish details of my son's life in my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts. thegreatestadventuresite.wo...
W20: The Dental Hospital
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My brave boy endured being prodded and poked, having a light shining into his face, somebody bending over him and being X-rayed. What an ordeal for a child with autism!
W21: People Didn't Change, the World Did
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The world used to be more forgiving of people with quirks and eccentricities. How many children are being diagnosed with autism because the round holes are now too small for their square pegs to fit into?
Housebound: Hibernating in the Half-Term Holidays
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My son loves the idea of going out but somehow we always end up indoors for the whole week of the school holidays. Is this something that happens to you too? Take a look at my blog and let me know! thegreatestadventuresite.wo...
The Bedtime Routine (or Losing the Will to Live, Nightly)
Ah, the fun of bedtime and those ways my son finds to drag out the routine.... does your child do any of these? Read my latest blog post and let me know! thegreatestadventuresite.wo...