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Why algae may be the superfood of 2017
The production of biocompounds from microalgae is seen by one research consortium as providing a solution for world hunger, as well as producing a nutritional food source in general. To do so requires an improved biotechnological solution.
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Ecologists propose technological solution for disease tracking
Many disease patterns are predictable provided that the information about the disease is accurate and a suitable technological framework is constructed. This is complex, but it can work based on appropriate algorithms and accurate information.
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Why is the U.S. so poor with road safety?
Despite the status of the American automobile, the road safety practices in the U.S. are not the best in the world. According to a compilation of the latest statistics, gathered in 2013, there were 32,894 deaths as a result of motor vehicle crashes.
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Review: Rutger Hauer entertains at London Film and Comic Con
Rutger Hauer is one of the most versatile and prolific actors, having made over 150 movies. Of these perhaps 'Blade Runner' will always stand out. The actor was in London at the end of July to address a panel at the London Film and Comic Con.
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Review: London Film and Comic Con showcases actors and memorabilia
The fourteenth London Film and Comic Con packed out London's Olympia with top stars, new movie items, classic comic artists, cult memorabilia, panels and hotly pursued merchandise.
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Darwin's house reveals the history of science
Charles Darwin was one of the founding fathers of modern science. He undertook many of his studies into natural selection at his home in Kent ("the garden of England".) Not only of scientific interest, Down House is set among some beautiful gardens.
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India's emerging solar power tech at risk from monkeys
Super-efficient computers will use DNA to store data
The quest to learn more about the mysteries of DNA is not only important for areas like genetic diseases, it could also influence how technologists design the next generation of efficient computer storage.
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Remarkable cancer treatment announced
Cancer cells %28credit istockphoto.com 000018960273%29
Medical scientists have reported on a remarkable cancer treatment. Terminally ill patients, suffering with blood cancer, have become symptom-free following treatment with modified cells.
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Finding the ‘X Factor’ for wholegrain
Whole grain bread 1497850
What makes wholegrain healthy? There seems to be an X factor — actually a BX factor — that contributes to the healthy properties contained within the grain. New research explores this further.
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